Naomi Campbell: 22 May 1970

On the subject of contradictions, this 80’s supermodel was the first African American to be photographed for the cover of an international fashion magazine, Vogue. Famous for her sultry, booty-licious catwalks and diva attitude, she’s also been described as delicate and exquisite. So why is this pretty lady being charged with assault, not once, but several times over? She supposedly hit an assistant last year with a blackberry, this year, a housekeeper with a cell phone. Take note: on- the-go Gemini’s rarely travel without cell phone or other communication device. Watch out for flying objects! When the good twin gets all the attention, the bad twin can get unruly. Part of Gemini’s task is to express all parts of herself, even the not so pretty stuff she relegates to the basement. When she understands that she is all this: good, bad, pretty and ugly, she has more self-expressive control. Angel or diva, Gemini’s will always ask us to question our assumptions.