Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: 13 June 1986


These young ladies began their career as childhood actresses, growing up right in front of our eyes on the television series Full House. But who was who? The twins shared the youngest cast member, Michelle, making the search for a single identity, elusive. Thus begins the changeable life of Gemini, “if I’m not one, then I’m the other” a handy tool Gemini uses to define herself. Gemini is associated with childhood and while it’s a stretch to say every Gem has fond childhood memories, Gem’s childhood plays a pivotal role in shaping who they become. Affectionately termed “tweenies”, the duo gathered a cult-like fan base of young preteen girls who follow their every move on blogs, fan sites and teen magazines. In Roman myth, ruling planet Mercury delivered messages between humans and divine, so we’ll often find Gemini at the hub of communication, in a role of dispensing information or at the very least being the subject of conversation, talked about. We hope that Mary Kate uses her publicized eating disorder to educate and inform young girls about the danger of this disease.