I was taking a walk on this fine Pisces Moon day and saw an artist friend who lives down the road. “Hey there,” I said, “what are you doing on the upside of this mountain?” “Ah, good to see you! I’ve been working so hard I needed a break so I walked up to the lake.” “Lake?” I asked. “Yeah, the lake up over the hill, right after the ranch.” Ooooh, I didn’t know we had a lake nearby. I thanked him for the new piece of information.

It struck me that other artists might be feeling the same need for release too, today. It being a waning last quarter Moon in Pisces and all. I had planned on going up to my favorite tree, sit under it’s green canopy, drink in the colors and ground.

Which brings me to the subject of color - which Neptune retrograde has brought to my attention. I had a wonderful discussion with my friend Lise over this past holiday weekend about the effect color has on the spirit. I mentioned that a healer I used to frequent advocated looking at gardens and trees through special industrial prisms  -  as an energetic balance for low immune and life force.  And wow, did my vitality lift!  She told me she had recently attended an art exhibit where images seemed to float in prisms, and she found this enriching, too.

So I went to my tree and watched the colors grow in vibrance and numinosity. By the time I left, I was mistaking leaves in my path for flecks of gold…

Hmmm…has anyone else noticed their colors brighten over the past couple weeks?