When I went to see my crush, Angelina Jolie, (by now you know I’m heterosexual, married and I have more crushes on beautiful Angelina and bebewomen than men) in her new movie A Mighty Heart, it got me thinking about how this Cancer New Moon falls pretty close to the Ascendant of Angelina’s chart, and that right about now she’ll be experiencing a sort of absolution for her wild child self-image – fans may finally soften up and allow her to be the maternal, soft Cancer rising her soul needs to express. And thinking about the grace and grit she showed as pregnant Marianne Pearl, wife of kidnapped and beheaded Daniel Pearl, I contemplated life in the midst of tragedy, and just how many things can change during the term of nine months. It takes a mighty heart to keep your poise and your baby as you’re put through the grueling, public ordeal of losing a spouse. I noticed that Angelina/Marianne moved with elegance and grace, opening her home hospitably to all who came through to help, caring for the relationships that were in her here and now, taking care to dress and present herself well. Remarkably, (and from real-life accounts of the real Marianne Pearl) she was strong enough to not fall apart but tender enough to speak from the heart. As we enter this Cancer New Moon time of conception, I’m reminded of the soft privacy of pregnancy; it’s the conception point on the wheel, where soul quietly, secretly embodies. Nine Months. It’s the human gestation life cycle, and conception is particularly fertile during Cancer New Moon. And I’d imagine if you’ve got a little seed to plant right now, you might just walk over to your calendar and circle April 19, 2007 as your due date.