Mick Jagger: 26 July 1943

Speaking of pants, Mick Jagger’s skintight leather ones (and infamously lush lips) makes the ladies sing “start me up, Mick!” Yet this strong stage presence arose from humble beginnings, as is sometimes the case with Leo. In early Rolling Stones days, Mick was awkward in front of a crowd and imitated other performers to find his own unique style. But find style he must; self-expression is sunshine to Leo’s creative garden, and these souls bloom by shining their individuality for the world. How does a creative person see reflections of himself in the world? By populating it with their offspring! Leo is a virile sign, so whether Leo has creative babies or real live bundles of joy, so much of Leo’s happiness and joy comes from being a proud parent. In his professional life, Mick’s populated the music world with copious albums, live performances – and he’s still going strong at sixty-four years young. In his private life, he’s a dad of seven! And was the song “You’re so Vain” by Carly Simon really about Mick? Sometimes we call Leo vain, but Leo’s journey is to be the brightest light in the sky… the Sun.