Another Leo Star from an article I wrote for!

Halle Berry: 14 August 1968

halle berry sm

Celebrated, photographed by paparazzi for her beauty and elegance, Halle Berry emanates that “beautiful person” aura wherever she goes. Leo is a captivating Sun sign and before she pursued acting as a career Halle’s beauty captivated pageant awards. But beauty and skin color are only skin deep and Hollywood notoriously glorifies and discriminates against both. Perhaps this Leo’s journey is toward authenticity, building an Ego, a sense of self strong enough to outshine Hollywood’s. Halle grew up bi-racial in a middle class mostly white neighborhood, with a white mother. As a child, she constantly thought her life would be more perfect, happier if she had white skin like the people around her. When Leo turns to people-pleasing instead of living from her authentic center, the Lion loses her magnificent roar, that spark and vitality we love to watch fades behind empty performances. A Leo without an authentic spotlight is just a sad cat. Halle says in an industry that’s “caught up in what people think” she wants her legacy to be “one of a woman just living her life the way she wanted to on her terms”. Go Halle!