Another Leo Star from an article I wrote for!

Sandra Bullock: 26 July 1964

sandra bullock smOne of the first things you notice about the woman behind the role is her infectious playfulness. Sandra Bullock interviews reveal an actress at ease in her own skin. Romping on the beach with her dogs, outspoken opinions followed with infectious giggling, self-deprecating humor (which she capitalized on several times in Miss Congeniality numbers one and two.) Leo is the playful child in all of us, and a playful, childlike curiosity toward life may be one of Leo’s secrets to happiness. Indeed, this is probably the happiest sign of the Zodiac! But what’s behind Leo’s joyful presence? Is it love? She says she’s always seized opportunities for love, that she has a lot of love to give. As a personal, relationship-oriented sign, bighearted Leo loves big romances and love affairs almost as much as the theater stage. Drama + Love of Love = Leo! Is that a good thing? If you can take all the drama of passionate living, Leo’s are endearingly romantic. Sandra’s track record of handsome hunks and recent marriage suggest this Cat’s got a good thing going on.