Another Leo Star from an article I wrote for!

Madonna: 16 August 1958

madonna sm

We so clearly see this Lioness’ bright energy because she’s impossible to ignore! An exhibitionist at heart, Madonna’s personal quest is to expose everything – from her nude body to her beliefs on the Kabbalah. As provocateur, Madonna has made it her business to bring sexual eroticism into the mainstream. Although she’s played the femme fatale in countless movies and written an erotic bestseller, Sex, her lesser credited roles are the ones she’s remembered in – as Queen Mother of the music video. Almost single-handedly, Madonna elevated the music video to art form. But is she a pop star or an artist? She loathes being called a pop star, much preferring “performance artist”. Leo is the sign of the artist and every Leo who works toward mastery of self-expression, coaxes her creative genius into daylight for that ultimate reward: a sold-out stadium, adoring fans, a roaring applause. No one says more about Leo’s joy of pleasing and pleasure than the Lioness herself: “Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.”