A reader’s letter answered in Ask Moonkissd!: 

Dear Moonkissd,

I was born June 20, 1978 around 1:25-1:30 pm in Santurce, Puerto Rico. To make a long story short, my life in the last year has gone from great to almost unbearable. It began when I opened my heart to “the love of my life” who is also the father of my son, to living in fear and physical abuse, to then losing my job, and my parents (whom I am very close to) moving back to Puerto Rico. As simple as it may all sound, I feel like I have hit rock bottom and can’t find the strength to move forward. So many occurances and happenings have left me feeling lost and defeated. I know deep within my heart what is important to me in life and what I most desire but can’t find the strength to move forward. I’ve lost my way, myself, and my spirit… What do you see will come next? Rock Bottom

Dear Rock Bottom,

Considering the hardship you’ve faced, you’re amazing. You’ve witnessed several blows at once and you’re still here. Despite your insistence on not having strength to move forward, you’re emanating remarkable spiritual strength. Just read your own words “I know deep within my heart what is important to me in life and what I most desire.” How many people can say that? Okay, I’ll tell you: not many. It may be hard to believe, but true strength, tough as a diamond, is what you’re earning. By gracefully accepting defeat and loss: you lose everything to find everything. The difficult part is you haven’t reached the gift yet. You need to travel through this tunnel for a time without light, in order to earn life’s faith in you (which is also your faith in yourself, the faith to survive anything). Know you are courageous enough to survive this time of darkness by steadfastedly holding to your heart’s truth. So if you are still living in fear and abuse, that’s not love, and you need to leave. What you “know within your heart” is not fear. You have great friends and family who will help you, as shown by Mercury and Jupiter in Cancer in your chart. To find a new place to live, take advantage of Saturn’s help to your Sun and Moon at the end of August. Your top priority should be establishing a stable home immediately, one that allows you to safely process the very powerful emotions surrounding your family and love relationship over the course of the next year.