August T-Squares To Focal Pluto: There’s No Place Like Om

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dorothy and the tornadoDear Jessica,

I just spent a day running errands and it seems like everyone is darting around making risky turns, traffic is piling up and one car even died in the middle of a busy intersection! I am a 2 degree libra rising and one of my best friends has a 4 degree Aries rising. I have no idea how these planets will change this week for us or even society. What are your thoughts?


T-square alert: Pluto is at the apex of a Mars-Jupiter opposition. But that’s not all; Saturn in Libra hovers near Mars while Uranus is nearby Jupiter in Aries, positing the question astrologers love to dread, ‘…but….what does THAT mean?’ Speaking as someone astrologically qualified to answer but also knee deep in the thick of it (all planets, within 3 degrees, exactly aspect my Sun-Pluto-Mars t-square), I couldn’t have written this blog a week ago. I was too shaky. I myself feel like Dorothy watching the tornado come down the road to sweep away Auntie Em and anything Dorothy thought was as safe as houses… even while I understand that sometimes sweeping changes are exactly what’s needed. That doesn’t make things any easier now, does it?

The August astrological forecast certainly deserves a mantra like, ‘there’s no place like OM’. Squares galore, August is one of the more demanding months of the year. Pluto is at the apex of this weeks’ configuration and next week Venus will replace Mars to receive this same t-square around the Leo New Moon (8/9). Then Jupiter will oppose Saturn (8/16), Mercury will turn retrograde (8/20) and by the Pisces Full Moon on 8/24 we’ll all need a stiff drink or a week at our favorite spa. The only outer planet left out of August madness is let’s create a world without care or worryNeptune (corroborating my I-need-a-drink theory). To wrap your head around this, think about the signs involved: Aries, Libra, Capricorn – and all in squares. Cardinal signs initiate action. Squares have no choice in the matter; they either initiate new action or risk getting stuck, crazy and depressed.

So move or feel stuck, here’s some practical Mars-y advice. Do something. Do anything. Let the doing lead the way. I’ve noticed clients receiving t-squares (by transit) or who have natal t-square will always feel crazy and stuck when not energetically engaged. What to focus on? Any process of elimination. With this tense Mars aspect this week (8/3) don’t expect everything to come together straight away, but also don’t hesitate to vigorously push forward to clear any debris in your way: the focal point of the t-square (which essentially means this planet holds the tension), is Pluto, and Pluto honestly and ruthlessly clarifies and tears down before building up again. Clear things up and out to move Mars-forward. Remember that Mars transits can be physically or energetically stressful. If you have been over-stressed, take extra good care and go slower this week.

As Venus gets involved when she enters Libra, energy moves from vigor and vim to relational and potentially restorative. As I like to say to those who have Libra NNode: ‘From an evolutionary point of view it’s time for you to calm the f*** down’. Can you hear the battle-weary SNode Aries language – the residuals of war, activity and over-exertion? I think it’s worth repeating now. On the heels of so much movement and truth-telling, we’ll need to calm the f*** down. Libra likes ease and it clearly won’t be easy; the t-square is still in effect. We’re still tense. But now we’re working on finding a middle way, not just my way or the highway. At least we want ease and peace.

To answer your question, Katie – I don’t know. I myself don’t know how I’m going to get through the week, let alone what society will do. In the midst of massive changes, I prefer the one day at a time approach and to watch what unfolds, albeit with saucer-sized eyes and a quivering heart. There’s simply no one size fits all answer (I know, and you had to ask an astrologer for that!) This isn’t bad press for astrology, it’s about trusting oneself to respond to the moment as best we can- and clearly an astrological transit type reading gives us more responses to call on. You’re a Libra rising. As Saturn transits your Ascendant, you’ll have many possibilities to respond to your life issues with clarity, decisiveness, effectiveness; or fall prey to demons of despair caused by wishful thinking and a failure to see your reality clearly. Libra tends to be overly concerned about what others think, but by becoming more self-sufficient, drawing boundaries on your time, channeling your energy toward Saturn (work/ a commitment) you’ll be in the Saturn sweet spot. Finally, don’t worry. If you have no idea how all these planetary changes will affect you, you soon will. Till then, you can begin practicing that Saturn virtue, patience.


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