A Mutable T-Square Bump ‘n Hustle

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There’s a T-Square in the sky at the 7 through 10 degrees of mutable signs right now (through the weekend). Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mercury in Virgo are stimulating a lot of hot air. Let’s just say our response times are challenged.


Let me give you a practical example: my husband found a nifty find-a-contractor site on the web where competing contractors bid on jobs (thanks handyman Mercury in Virgo!). When I was able to get through to him, he greeted me on his cell with his standard business greeting. Apparently he’s swamped with calls and appointments. We’re not sure who’s coming and when. Can you say rapid adaptation?

This isn’t affecting my natal chart, but is triggering the Mercury/Jupiter opposition in my marriage composite chart. I know this because every ounce of me has been mobilized to track my family’s whereabouts this week. Someone’s pretty consistently coming and going, but this morning when the girl’s mom called at 8:30 AM in a semi-panic wondering where they were (I’m pretty sure they were supposed to be at school) all I could do was resignedly defer.
“You can try to reach him on his Cell.”

As I told my sweetie yesterday…

Me: “Keeping track of the Shepherds is as hard as…”

He: “A one legged man kicking his own ass.”

‘Nuff said.

How are you fielding the bump ‘n hustle?

This T-square affects anyone with planets between 5-12 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces)



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