Astrology in action…

Yesterday, Sun met Saturn in Leo. We hired a couple of workers to build garden walls. gardenwall photoYes, walls. We all need structural support, right? By terracing our front yard we’re turning unused dead space into nice flat expanses. Gardens, picnic tables and other cool yard ideas are now possible.

Sun/Saturn lives to work and generally sets boundaries on its self-concept. But with the event of garden walls, I’m considering how much space we’ve freed up by setting these boundaries. As a Sun/Saturn influenced person, defining my identity boundaries and bottom line allows far more freedom than doing the opposite. Not (too scared, overwhelmed?) approaching the mammoth task of organizing our hillside is the equivalent of letting the yard sit in neglect. Disuse. And it’s really not an option for Sun/Saturn people. We live to work the dirt by digging in, working the dead space and removing debris. Hey, they’ve already excavated and removed a concrete slab – remnants of a previous foundation. Move it and remove it. Then define it. That’s the only way we can make room for new growth.

Have boundaries given you more freedom?