So I meet semi-regularly with an expandable/shrinking group of artist boheme xmfriends. We’re artistic advocates for one another’s work. As supporters of the creator within, we don’t necessarily even like the other’s work (we cleared that one up yesterday)…that’s not what we’re about. We’re advocates of the artistic process, conspirators of each other’s creativity. We’re a support group for the fantastically fabulous artist and the barely limping along one. Like a modern day la boheme, we’re outcasts and believers. It takes courage to create. We need each other.

We’re also feeling the effects of the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse.

Yes, some of us were limping along. In one long run on never-ending sentence, articulating exactly which creative block we’re working with this week was the big challenge. Like a Dairy Queen drink…well it’s all so blended.

My problem was one of perspective, how to see the forest for the trees, a typical Virgo-Pisces dilemma. The busy-ness of the mutable energy (change, adaptation) combined with the endlessly initiating cardinal energy in my chart has me feeling overscheduled and not having enough time, even if overscheduled means the three hour long process of making dinner with my family – which I thoroughly enjoy, when I remember to. My mind was creating this “big deal” about being too busy with the very things I enjoy, so I stop enjoying them (Saturn ruled fifth house in Aquarius). This is a chronic problem.

As our resident Capricorn pointed out with her signature Israeli accent: “I’m listening to you and thinking, how wonderful. You’re spending time with the kids and your husband, putting on music, cooking a good meal.” She laughs with that twinkling Capricorn laugh.

We decided that naming the busyness aloud might help clear the mind’s attachment to overwhelm. (Of course, lurking in the background always: the artist chomping at the bit, but when do I GET TO WRITE? The artist gets nasty when she doesn’t get to write for a whole two days. She starts spitting fire in uncomely directions. She suffers from ADD, artist deficit disorder – glazing over in everyday conversation – she dreams of being at the keyboard, imagining the blog eat blog world she’s missing.)

As usual, the Goat clarified the creative conundrum:

“I watch my son, who is this amazing musician and I see how clear he is. He’s amazing, he’s just taking off. As adults, we’ve got so much clutter in our minds. It really is a problem.”
“I look back at some of the art I created when I was young. I was so blown away, like wow – did someone else do this? It’s that good. I can’t believe how good I was.”

Is this apparent busyness a case of too much clutter keeping us from our overhead baggagevibrant creativity? And if so, will Saturn’s entry into Virgo help us organize ourselves? Clearly we need a central unit organizing unit, maybe, ahem, even a system.

Ironically, our resident Pisces said to me before the meeting, “get a label maker and you’re a hero.” She was referring to her temp job organizing (and labeling) other people’s chaotic lives by…creating less paperwork. How Virgoan.

As our Pisces began talking circles about the conundrums in which she’s swimming, the Fishes swam ’round. It was hard to define the real question, the beginning or the end, as it all flowed from the endless Ocean. When the interrelatedness of Pisces, the teeming, overflowing unconscious seeps into the consciousness, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Everything’s so connected. As she began unpacking baggage, we carefully, concernedly offered assistance in the form of pointed questions.

“So can you give practical examples of this?”

I had the impression she was overstuffing the suitcase.

And it was our role to fold it up and neatly place it in a luggage compartment overhead.

Is anyone else seeing the forest for the trees?