I am deeply in love with this man but sometimes he confuses me. I know that he cares about me but at times I feel as if my feelings are deeper. He says it’s not true but since we’ve been together (2years) I always feel like his friends matter the most to him while I’m just put into a time slot. He has a female best friend who acts jealous of our relationship at times and it irks me that sometimes he bends over backwards to appease her. It just seems as if even though he’s sweet to me (when he has the time from work and friends) he is closer to everyone else instead of me. I think he has trust issues and leans on his friends. We talk about this and he says he understands and hears me. He’s really good to me and I don’t know if I’m over reacting at times. I don’t know what to do because I want to be with this man but I am not willing to accept things as is for love. We were both born in Chicago, Illinois, me on April 1, 1974 at 12:01pm and he: Feb 5, 1969 (time unknown). Is this worth my time?

Dear Unsure,

You do know he’s an Aquarius, right? He will always be surrounded by friends, and you’re right, he does lean on them. They’re his tribe, his family and he looks to them for advice and life direction. Aquarians emulate their friends which is why it’s so important for him (or any Aquarian) to choose the right friends to hang with. His friends will rub off on him, which could be really annoying – if you don’t like his friends. So his best friend is a woman, and she’s jealous (his Venus in Aries opposing Uranus in Libra). He wants to make her happy, an exceptional quality in a person. But: does he put her needs and happiness over yours? A guy who has a girl best friend isn’t a terrible problem – but it is if she comes first. Separate your worry a about being overly-reactive with a practical assessment. If you can come up with specific instances he’s chosen her desires over yours, you’ve expressed your dismay and it’s happened again, then you’ve got to think about whether this game of cat and mouse is worth your time. He may have trust issues, but I’m hearing yours: you doubt the sincerity of his love for you, namely he’s not meeting your needs. You’re a Leo Moon: you need a very personal, heartfelt love. You can tell when someone’s insincere, and you believe he does love you. Can you appreciate the impersonal love of an Aquarian? Only if you feel validated, adored, cherished, loved, appreciated yourself…all Leo Moon needs. It boils down to you, being honest with you.