Mercury’s in it’s shadow period, meaning that although he won’t go retrograde till Thursday, we’re already feeling the slow down. Start planning for it by moving into reflective mode. Settle your mind, avoid taking on new projects, think about cleaning up your environment.

I had several retrograde moments this weekend. I was working a benefit ball in San Francisco as resident astrologer. On my drive in, I invoked a little spell in honor of Mercury in Scorpio (your spellbinding powers are strong under Mercury in Scorpio) to strengthen my intuition and vision.

Mercury and Uranus be brilliant tonight
Help me share your light, spark my insight

I arrived exactly on time, booted up my computer and it started running some program I didn’t recognize and after several Ctrl-Alt-Dlts I sat there waiting for it to work. Knowing Mercury’s well, propensity for change and mercurial behavior during the shadow period (two weeks before retrograde) I was tempted to question whether my spell would invoke the trickster side of the lil devil. But my intention around the spell is always protective. So when a fear or questionable thought comes up, I immediately invoke the higher talents of the planet – in this case, Mercury’s ever reliable intelligence and quick sure-footedness. Mercury will bring quick-on-your-feet scenarios, but he’ll get you out just as quickly.

So I waited for my computer to boot, about 40 minutes. I had an intuitive hit that I could take my first slot at 9. So I waited. I didn’t give up because I knew it would work. And when the party got started, my first reading started on time -and gave the fun partygoers some pretty fabulous insight.

One of my favorites was a Sagittarian lawyer who said, “I just have one question: will the judge grant me the motion?” Glancing at her chart transiting Jupiter in Sag, in his rulership, was applying her Venus (next to her Sun) by two degrees. I said, “The judge is an honorable, dignified man and you think he’ll give a fair ruling. You like the judge, and the judge likes you very much.” I asked, “Will this motion bring you a great deal of money?” already knowing the answer would be yes. I affirmed she would win her case this week and she jumped for joy. I love giving people good news!

It’s always good to give gratitude after you’ve cast a spell or intention. So on my way home, with some sweet cash tips in my wallet, I gave thanks. And then I lost my wallet…