Mercury retrograde season again? Oh, yes it is.

Mercury in Scorpio slowing to retrograde brings up the personal shadow freud-couch(haunted house special fx… mooowhoohaw….) a sign (or omen) to pay attention to the way we communicate our feelings. Venus in Virgo, Mercury’s ruling sign deepens listening to deepen thoughtful responses. How? Biting your tongue might be an appropriate response one day, articulating your thoughts the next. Shadow stuff directs our laser beam focus around what’s bubbling up on the inside. Scorpio Mercury Rx is like Dr. Freud on the couch. The Dr. incisively penetrates your emotional blocks and self-destructive tendencies, freeing creative energy. Are you ready for the head Doctor?

During my errant Mercury Scorpio, ahem, research I was reminded of Scorpio’s rulership over basements, closets, attics, bathrooms, sewer lines, recycling and compost bins…can you say major house-cleaning? Scorpio signifies physical and psychological places we can’t, or don’t want to, see. It’s hard to predict exactly how he will show up. For kicks I peeked at some classically Scorpio (Pluto) key words from Rex Bill’s book: abductions, adultery, poison, assassinations, astral plane, autopsy, betrayal, cemeteries, burglaries, bootleggers, brothels… and I haven’t even reached “c” yet. It’s not too terribly difficult to get a glimpse of the underworld.

Psychologically, Mercury reminds us of endings and letting go, transformation, personal darkness and because Mercury is linked to seasonal changes – change. Our changeable attitudes, mental view, the way we dress, express and what we talk about is under autumn’s shadowy light. I’ve noticed the shadows in nature growing longer, in tune to the shadows we humans leave on earth. As leaves fall to the ground, we process the life’s inevitable losses against the backdrop of summer’s newly fading bloom.

Mercury retrograde begins on October 11, moves back through Libra on October 23, resuming forward motion November 1.

Mercury Retrograde pointers:

Prepare to repeat conversations at least twice, probably three times, as snake tonguea rule of thumb. Prepare to revisit all communications at least twice, probably three times, as a rule of thumb. Do I repeat myself? How annoying.

Here are a few tips to avoid repeating the same thing twice (also called a mistake).

Accept no job. It’s not the right time. It will turn out differently than you expected.
Sign no contracts – unless you’ve already decided to do so, prior to this week.
Double check your plane tickets, travel plans. Arrive early. Delays are likely.
Don’t fight the cancellations, double booked plans, and random no-shows. It’s all apart of the cosmic plan.
Basically, don’t start any new projects, especially if you’re in the information business.
Don’t move house – unless you’ve taken care of everything prior to this time.
Don’t ride on empty. Fill your gas tank. If your car has an arthritic knee, don’t ask it to run a marathon.
Don’t sell your prized possession on a whim. Actually, don’t take any unreasonable risks. You’ll regret it later.

Go forth boldly in these things:

Back-your computer, update your Virus protecton.
Do anything beginning with “re-“: remember, re-pot a plant, resell your used clothes, return to a place you love, remodel… With one exception: it’s likely not a good time to return to an old love relationship, especially if it was broken to begin with.
Visit with old friends, re-latives, re-unions. Yay!
Dream often and deeply, take care of old business, finish up projects you’ve already begun.
Talk it out in therapy. Scorpio digs deep, so re-hash your shadow material and emote for a final good-riddance.
Don’t push the river. What’s the point in that? Go to the beach instead. Water signs need sea-space, solitude, reflective down time. Keep expectations on yourself and others reasonable, easy. Expect change. Who’s really in control here, anyhow?
Give your computer a break when it acts up. Step outside.

Slow down.

Remember, we love Mercury because he’s the mastermind of communication and transportation, the genie inside the computer, the telephone, subway, highway, mail system and the piece of gossip (or information) that lands on our ear at exactly the right moment. When things get funky, don’t kill the messenger.