What makes Maria Bello so love smart? She has Venus in Gemini, of mbellocourse – sitting pretty with a sextile from Saturn in Aries and Moon in Leo. This literate lady is a single mother, independent and unequivocally gorgeous. She’s not your typical Cinderella. She entertains herself by reading, writing, parenting and spiritual explorations. And is perfectly content never marrying. Did you hear that girls? There’s more than one role model for happiness. Here are some excerpted quotes (real) in a (fictional) interview with Moonkissd.

MK: Venus in Gemini is notoriously literary, book smart & also has a penchant for mimicking and becoming different people. Do you identify?
MB: “I’ve always wanted to be a character in a book…like in the adventures I devoured as a kid.”

MK: You’re a siren, yet with Venus in Gemini, I’d guess you’d choose brains over beauty, a smart man over a sexy one any day. After all – VG makes love with her mind, not her body.
MB: “Sexuality is so much less provocative than everyone makes it out to be. What’s really underneath it? That’s what [the story] is about.”

MK: There are probably two sides to that story, as it seems there are two sides to finding love; you learn to love yourself enough to get into a relationship, but then once you’re in one, you’ve signed up for the graduate course.
MB: “My friends sometimes tell me, ‘Learn to love your self first.’ Bullshit! You learn in a relationship. It brings up all of your stuff, the good and the bad.”

MK: Are you independent at heart?
MB: “I never want to get married. I’m like a guy that way.”

MK: But don’t you have lonely moments when you wish you were with a lifelong partner?
MB: “We all have that moment. Fortunately, I have an amazing Jungian analyst- and prayer. The truth is that every relationship ends, everyone will die. I accept that, but sometimes it’s hard, and I find myself digging my nails into any security blanket that’s handy – my boyfriend, whatever. And then I realize, of course, this will change, and the less I hold on, the better.”

MK: So wise. Thank you, Maria.

Quotes compiled from Fall 2007 Tango Magazine & the world wide web.