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AriesI came across this amazing body art by Australian artist Rudi Everts – pretty remarkable, eh? For fun try identifying which body part has morphed into your favorite animal/symbol.

Tattoos are also a form of body art, and although mine aren’t nearly as elaborate, I consider both of my tattoos magical, having timed them with intentionality to the planetary transits.  I got my first tattoo the day Saturn entered Leo, on my lower back, my 2nd chakra, with absolute conviction that the symbolic act would manifest true love and living from my passion (Saturn in Leo). It worked! (All by divine design of course) Don’t underestimate the power of the planets to make magic. By observing planetary passes through your chart, with ritual or symbolic acts – body art, ritual, music -you’re quite capable of wooing the planets into your corner. Ancient astrologers and priests like Marsilio Ficino did.

This amazing zodiac sign body art is created by Australian Body Paint Artist ‘Rudi Everts’













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