Will LIfe Ever Get Better For Sag?

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Hi Moonkiss.I have a question. I’m a 47 year-old Sagittarius. I was relieved to read my yearly horoscope and hear that us Sags were supposed to be the favorites of Jupiter this year. So far I have yet to see it materialize in my own life. I’ve gone through many injuries and surgeries since 1995. I was most recently injured in 2002 and had surgery in April 2004 in which rods and screws were installed in my back. The lawsuit is now in the final stages. However, it feels as though it’s taking forever to finally end. I can no longer work and rely on my husband, daughter, and meager social security and disability payments to survive. I just wanted to know when is it going to get better for us Sags or more importantly, me? When do you think I will settle this case?

If you can shed any light on this I’d be so grateful.


Waiting in limbo.

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4:32pm, New York City, New York

Dear Limbo,

You won’t believe me, but I’m going to tell you anyhow: your life will get better. Gosh your experience has been harrowing. You’re right, we did tell you that life would get better with Jupiter in your sign, but we couldn’t ignore that Pluto, the planet of fated encounters with your personal destiny was still in your sign. And still transiting your Sun.

So now Pluto and Jupiter are making the final sweep for you and all Sagittarians and when they join in early-mid December, they must be going out with a big bang (as I write this, I witnessed a big tray of dishes crashing to the floor!) It actually should be a quite liberating period for most of you, as you’ve already been doing your Pluto for years. Pluto will leave Sag the third week in January, but will retrograde back into Sag in April, finally leaving in November 2008. The retrograde will not affect any of your planets personally.

Now let’s focus on the important Sag: you. You’ve got a packed 6th house and Pluto was transiting through your 6th for all those difficult years, triggering these fated health problems. Your accident was doubly fateful in that you already had a difficult set-up – you came into the world with a soul need to encounter crisis over which you had no control. The “out of control” work and health situations came your way because it’s what your soul needed this time ’round. To serve and strive, to purify your body/mind/spirit -all 6th house. Illness and debility knocks us off our block so we can spiritually grow. It’s not easy.

When we learn where we’re broken and need deep healing, we learn to purify our response to our bodies, our minds, to clear out attitudes that inhibit good health. Your control rests in your response, in not feeling victimized, in altering your routine and lifestyle to take care of your condition. Since it’s Sagittarius, purifying your beliefs (only the biggest inhibitor/helper to our health) and getting clear on spirituality, what it means to be an embodied spiritual being for you. Your spirit can serve your body when your body is broken. We can always count our blessings.

About your lawsuit that has dragged on and on, it should settle to your satisfaction by mid-January, maybe even sooner. Neptune will stop riding your 9th house ruler (lawsuits) Uranus by then. Neptune was creating that chaos. When Jupiter squares Uranus and joins your Saturn in January, once the process finally comes together, the pieces fall into place quickly. Judging from the Jupiter quincunx your Moon (2nd house ruler) you’ll like the financial outcome – basically. Maybe there’s a small hitch, and I do mean small. You won’t let it rain on your parade, after all, you’re getting paid. Maybe it’s not as much as you’d hoped for, but it’s agreeable.

So in all, I am very optimistic for you, dear Sag. It looks like next year will give you some of the reprieve you haven’t had in years and you can begin the work of rebuilding your life. You can thank your lucky stars for giving you a rest. I wish you the best of luck!



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