carrot-man-and-woman Mars in Cancer and Venus in Libra square off this week, but discovered more in common than not.

Mars was reading COSMO and took notes on what turns a guy on and off.

-Men like a challenge in the form of “an irresistible dare.”

-Men like to feel needed.

-Men don’t like overly aggressive and suggestive women, who play with the cherry in their drink from across the bar, or throw themselves at him.

This factoid was backed up by a conversation with a friend just a week before, who had an encounter with a woman who heaved her cleavage ’round as though it would be a turn on. Unsurprisingly, it smacked of desperation and was a huge turn off, but was also memorable enough to share with several friends, us included.

Mars is in Cancer retrograde, so it’s hard to know how to position the breast. Some want ’em covered, others uncovered. And according to Venus (me) it’s all a source of classic Venus envy. They want the breast, but they’re also tormented by it.

Out of curiosity I consulted the COSMO and discovered a few more turn-offs, so asked Mars about it.

“Some of these guys are offended by the simplest things, say when their lady yawns during early morning sex, or when she gets up to wash herself immediately following sex. Here’s this whole section devoted to guys complaints about women. These twenty-something year old guys get their egos are bruised by a yawn or a practical hygienic wash.”

One complained about foreplay so dull it was hard for him not to laugh, another being smacked by big breasts (you do the math).

“It’s like can’t they figure out something better to complain about? They’re in their twenties and having sex! They should feel privileged, honored!”

Mars agreed, positing these dudes sounded really girl-y.

Venus wanted to take offense at the comment, being in Libra and all (equality of the sexes) yet she couldn’t. He was right, in a way. These guys were young, and not the real “strong enough to be your man” man. She remembers being in her 20’s, and encountering this kind of guy, so insecure in his manhood, he ended up insulting her sensibilities with some overblown intimacy requirement. It all struck her as vain, and it always drove a wedge in intimacy.

Venus is glad to have a man who treats her like a true Goddess -it’s how all women should be treated. She’s adored for existing, because she’s a Goddess, and she honors him by allowing him to worship at her feet… & body & soul…

Venus is also v. glad to be in her 30’s. With Mars in Cancer RX right now, it’s got to be a difficult time for a young, immature guy attempting to win the love of a real Goddess.