I’m in a foreign country! It’s the fun & festive holiday season! I don’t IMG00019understand the language! I’m simultaneously disoriented and happily enthused! And I’m incredibly optimistic about the whole experience.

I figure I’m a living, breathing, walking advert for the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius, the sign known for its “adaptable enthusiasm.”

Since I am in another country, my enthusiasms are constantly adapting to my environment, which has the quality of constantly shifting to the tune of my enthusiasms. What will I do next, where will I go, and what will I see? There’s the rumble of restlessness, familiar to every Sagittarian, that makes the Archer want to quit her job and become a gypsy, buy a round the world ticket (you know you can do that now, right?) and expand into the limitless possibility…of possibility. Impossible? No, I’m Possible. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before…the human potential movement is definitively Sag.


Sagittarius takes Cairo. Sagittarius takes Bangladesh. Sagittarius takes IMG00022Jamaica. We’ll do it all. Sagittarius doesn’t order one menu item, but springs for the entire buffet of life.

It can also have the side effect of making you overwhelmed, queasy, all these options. I went to the United Nations cafeteria for lunch today – sort of a Sun enters Sagittarius field trip for this Cancer Sun. Morrocan, Thai, Australian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Italian – and that Crocodile dish, I don’t even know how to qualify the country of origin. For a touch of home, there was even a Thanksgiving platter that one woman pointed out, was obviously a misinformed mistake, as it contained Lox, Turkey, Roast Beef, cranberry jelly and other unidentifiable mounds of something. Then again, Swedish Royalty was in the house, explaining the cross-cultural cuisine. Thanks, I’ll pass. Pass the ostrich.

Which I discovered is not my favorite, but was good – it tasted more like beef than a bird.

Nevertheless, chew your food carefully and do try everything. Expand, expand: your outlook, your perspective, your palette and watch your waistline.

Jupiter remains in Sagittarius for only a few more weeks and I’m curious about how this will affect the holiday shopping season. Will we go overboard and exhaust our spending? Will there be record-breaking spending? Or are we already feeling Capricorn’s purse strings begin to tighten Jupiter’s bottomless wallet and festive enthusiasm.
Entrepeneurial energy is in the air too, and it’s more than just Jupiter’s doing. Jupiter and Pluto will meet in Sagittarius exact early December, and we’re already within 4′ orb. People are speculating on entrepeneurial ventures and leaps of faith will be taken into previously uncharted territories. These are a power broker pair, as this moneybags conjunction is in the charts of moguls Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Depending on how it aspects your chart, you may be enterprising something exceptionally big this December.

In the immortalized words of Mae West. Try everything once, twice if you like it, and three times to make sure.