Is the world becoming bigger? Or maybe I’ve become more connected to IMG 2156 world events because I’m in Europe, within arm’s reach of countries I’ve never even heard of. Or, possibly, could a Sagittarian wave be pulling the patchwork quilt of different cultures, economies and beliefs, closer than ever? In the U.S., I feel differently, my country functions unrelated to what the rest of the world is doing – which may have more to do with being a land mass unto itself, unattached to other superpower countries. A funny observation: everyone knows of and has an opinion about the US. Yet, we’ve never even heard of their country; ie the United Arab Emirates, it is a country.

Yet, instead of having the effect of feeling embarrassingly daft (I’ve learned I love playing with the British lexicon), my contact with people from different cultures, and being in the vibe of global chit-chat has me feeling more expansive.

For example, why do I not know about the religious holidays of Libya, or Bangladesh’s annual flooding that washes homes and lives clean, forcing Bangladeshis to completely start over every year!? Amazing.

Hunger & Women: I learned, while visiting with a UN director that one of the UN’s missions is to stop global hunger and the best way to do this is for a country to take care of its women. Healthy women lower infant mortality and give birth to stronger and healthier children. Yet women are still treated like second class citizens – or worse – in so many countries, including Saudi Arabia, and Serbia – where a woman who was recently gang raped by 7 men, was sentenced to 200 lashings for shaming her husband. Mars in Cancer retrograde (and I find this to be true with Venus in Scorpio) has a way of exposing neglect and mistreatment of women.

Political Reform: The backlash from this story was huge, and maybe this reflects the hope of Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius. Because the Government is now trying to penetrate the political arena by promoting a “moderate” image, one less steeped in antiquated law traditions that reflect crazed moral beliefs (the woman’s lawyer was fired, for protesting the sentence!) the changing climate and the public’s outrage and, intensified pressure so Government repealed the sentence.

Currency: Speaking of image machines, and the Sagitarrian tendency to eschew fact for buzz -can the US really continue claim as one of the wealthiest nations? As the value of the USD is tanking so rapidly even US Celebs living the high life are trying to be paid in Euros, not dollars, I’m getting an education in how the world sees our money. They don’t want it. We want their money – which is why Europe is heading over to the U.S. to do their holiday shopping. London has always been expensive, but when we had to pay $8 for a cup of Starbuck’s it makes me wonder what we’re doing wrong. If financial valuation is a complex combination of influences, their lack of confidence says something.

All of this, the distribution of wealth, politics, religion, law and world events are up for cataclysmic shifts. The events happening now, tell us everything about our worldview, and the world soul. Jupiter expands all it touches, and with Pluto, he’s the King of Soul – and the King of Pain. Sagittarius tells lots of stories, has tons of opinions, all biased by culture, institution and religion, but Pluto exposes the soul’s truth. Not the rhetoric, but the soul’s truth. It’s a different world inside here! And when Jupiter brings enlightened wisdom to all Pluto matters – even if facing them is painful – the net result is transformed awareness and renewed hope. At last we can have hope, that’s Jupiter, mining the gold of Pluto.

It’s a Sagittarian gift, spreading awareness with the good holiday cheer. As Sunday’s New Moon brings all these new paradigm shifts, maybe we can shift some of our own. A square from Uranus certainly suggests rabble-rousing is necessary for a new world order. We are no longer isolated from the ripple effect of world events, culture, or necessarily protected by the religious and political institutions in which we’re told to “believe.” Everyone has a version of the truth worth listening to, but what separates spin from soul? We’re finding out. Mmmm, Europe, I love it over here. Over here, I’m learning what it means to become a true Angelina Jolie, a citizen of the world.

Anyone up for a trip?