Double Dipping With Libra & Aries

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Dear Moonkissd,

I’m in a situation where I have been in love with two men. I never believed that possible. I, being old fashioned in the romance department. But things have changed for me over the years and I find myself here. My birthday, 3/29/58 @ 6:57 p.m. in Upland, California. I am grateful to have the love I have. However, I got a taste of a different relationship with a Libra man. He born 9-29-70. My Aries love of 7 years – but still no commitment, 3-24-69. My Aries man has proclaimed his love ever stronger. His competitive nature, knowing I have feelings for another man, has kicked in and I do love him. Why do I still have this attachment to the Libra? Even though he now will not speak to me. I know this isn’t right but, I still have doubts whether my Aries love will commit.

Dear Two Much Love,

So you’ve tasted Libran love and you’re done for. It’s like a case of you never knew what you’d been missing until you tried. Who hasn’t loved a Libran? They’re so scrumptious. And they just ruin everything for Aries, who is great at winning you prizes at the amusement park (the shooting range, the passion-o-meter, the Paul Bunyan contest) but gets creamed at the pie throwing contest by Mr. Cream Puff Libra. I once dated a Libran who, once he learned I loved eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough, made me his Grandma’s cookie recipe and brought it as a snack on a movie date. I, being an Aries Moon, took this far too casually and never heard the end of it. Lesson learned: you better appreciate a Libra. They’ll bend over backwards for you, and if you don’t respond in kind, it will never work. They’ll resent you for eternity.

I tell you this story to bring you back down to earth. Your Libran is not perfect, either. But you’ve put him on the pedestal that he probably had you on for awhile – which you’ve now been removed you from. You’re having a hard time accepting this and are still fascinated, haunted by his presence, which is shown by a large majority of his planets falling in your 12th house, the house of “how I deceive myself”. And how. He’s unattainable. He said he’s no longer interested. Fling! You can’t stop thinking about it because you love the thrill of the affair. With that flirtatious Mercury in Aries on your 7th house cusp, your can fall for a passionate quickie on an impulse. I suspect that since this is your first experience of this side of yourself, you’ve attached more meaning to this Libra than this particular lover merits.

How do I put this delicately, this is about you, not him. Isn’t it exciting to be “in love” with two men? Does it give you a rush like you’ve never known? Fabulous! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have your cake and eat it too, unless you keep saying: I want one cake, not two (and you’re sneaking around with number two).

You say Aries won’t commit, yet you’re thinking about someone else who is clearly unavailable. Is it possible, (now please take this into deep self-reflection) that you don’t want to commit either? Aries ardor for you is strong, and real. He surely does love you, unlike Libra. I know this to be true: when we put our self in a love bind, the only person responsible for untying the clever ropes is our very own self. Your Aries and your Libra are both an extension of yours truly, your very own inner conflict.

Try and be honest with your heart. Your heart has spoken. Of course you could propose an “open” relationship. Poor Aries will become riddled with jealousy and I doubt he won’t rise to the occasion to make your relationship “commitment” – if that’s what you really want. Of course it could tie you up, and make a difficult thing even more complex.



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