father christmasAnd for the best news of all, the Cosmic Santa Claus enters Capricorn this week! Everyone loves Jupiter, and why not? He always delivers gifts, BIG ONES. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system, larger than the Sun, large enough to contain all the planets in the solar system within his own! No one will get a lump of coal this Christmas, for everyone receives a big gift from Jupiter. As Jupiter transits one of the 12 sectors of your chart for the next year, an area of your life will light up with his boisterous, fun, expansive energy. This hasn’t happened in 12 years (think back to 12 years ago to determine what this gift might be). Twelve years ago I took my first big trip away from home, to California, where I eventually settled. Today I write you, almost at the end of my 2 month stay in Europe, my second biggest trip away from home. I’m telling you Jupiter’s gifts are generous! As Capricorn is the sign of focused achievement, with ambition, patience and determination (and a 12 year plan) we can make great strides in the coming year. I imagine it like this: periods of disciplined effort and careful attention (Saturn in Virgo, do your homework!) will be followed with bursts of lauded recognition (Jupiter in Capricorn). Capricorn is both a public and private sign, and working long solo hours does eventually land the Goat a corner desk on the top floor. We might all do well to emulate the discipline of goal-oriented Goat this year. But Jupiter does like to take frequent breaks, especially when Saturn goes retrograde… Capricorn is also spiritually resourceful, so going back to our roots and the essence of who we are is a theme – including our good stewardship for our ultimate resource, planet earth.