Do you feel the difference a little earth makes? By this time next week, 5 speechluminaries will be in Earth signs! And it all shows in our attitude, our speech and our perceptions – Mercury functions. If the world just seems different that’s because it is; the issues we’re focusing on become more real and relevant to our immediate surroundings. It’s easier to be skeptical of anything outrageous or abstract when Mercury’s in Capricorn, as this sign digs reliable proof. We’re also more likely, especially in conversation, to do the Saturn thing – keep opinions and perceptions we’re uncomfortable with at arms length (Saturn is the boundaried planet). We know our mind, and our mind and opinions, and they suit us quite well, thanks. Meanwhile, the declarations we do make to the world, reach the world. They’re public, which is why this Mercury is so incredibly self-conscious. So you won’t hesitate to consider how what you’re saying will affect your audience. Our attitudes are probably more influenced by past conditioning, which may’ve grown hardened over time (Capricorn). If we’re a little on the defense, we’re thinking about protecting our turf rather than letting someone touch our vulnerable underbelly, horror of horrors (Capricorn’s opposite, Cancer) where we could get hurt! For this clear-thinking sign, feelings aren’t reliable, they only cloud our thinking. Mercury in Capricorn allows us to be concrete and professional in any conversation, even if we’re holding our heart back a little, only to protect it.