On Saturday, Jupiter joins with the Sun for the very first time (in 12 two kings years) in the sign of Capricorn. Okay so you know Jupiter could contain the Earth and all the planets in our solar system…and the Sun is the King! Or is Jupiter King? Some astronomers say Jupiter was once King of his own solar system, as he emits heat from his own internal radiator. These two Kings aren’t competitive, they’re naturally expansive – they amp up our visions for what’s possible in the year to come. In Capricorn, our deepest ambitions swirl around in our heads. Ever wondered how to move mountains with the power of an intention? That’s Jupiter in Capricorn. Hope is on the horizon, the future looks promising. But a promise remains a promise, and a vision remains a vision without the careful planning and persistent diligence of Capricorn. Still it all feels too good right now to worry about doing the homework…so enjoy. Watch a few “lucky” people advance and collect $200!