kate bosworthKate Bosworth: 2 January 1983

Kate’s been criticized by the media for her thinness, but this is also a distinguishing quality of Saturn people who tend to be angular, bony or lanky. But also like Kate, many Capricorn people actually do eat less -resembling the pared or slimming down quality of their sign. They conserve everything, food, energy, resources. If you want to lose weight, just look for a Saturn transit or hang out with a Capricorn!

Kate broke onto the scene with the Horse Whisperer, but founded a teenaged cult following and won professional recognition with the movie Blue Crush, a film about a female surfer in a profession dominated by male sharks. The movie was made especially powerful through Kate’s convincing performance as a strong-willed, independent woman roughed up by the waves and the sharks, but who with hard work and discipline, ultimately persevered and won. As we see with many Hollywood actors, Kate gave her character light and life by bringing those Sun sign qualities she naturally possessed to the role.

As of January, she’s been elected to be Calvin Klein Jeans New Face of 2008. Kate, like many other Capricorns, will find their diligence and persistence rewarded with Jupiter in their sign this year. Expect to see more of Kate.

Here’s Kate’s “oh, how Capricorn!” quote: “I believe that what you put into the world is what you get out. People have luck and hot streaks and that sort of thing, but I think if you work hard and you’re a good person, then you’ll get what you deserve in the end.”