Jupiter and Saturn are now in earth signs by trine, and this aspect brings expansiveness and levity to grounded, earthy, material activity. From a discussion I had with most insightful astrologer Alex Villamil this weekend about the different ways people respond to Saturn transits, it occurred to me that how good you are at “doing your Saturn” probably arises in equal merit to the luck and benefit you’ll receive from this fortunate planetary aspect – known for it’s planning, deliverance of wealth and diligent responsibility. Saturn related things could quickly slide into place.

Likewise, if you’re not familiar or comfortable with doing your Saturn a peering around cornersplanetary brush with the Mr. Karma can undo a laissez-faire attitude, irresponsible work ethic, lack of scruples or simply not taking care of business.

Are you positioned to receive an efficient stroke of luck (or a quick kick in the pants)? Here’s a Saturn in Virgo checklist:

-Am I a responsible person?
-Have I been brushing my teeth, taking care of my health, balancing my checkbook?
-Do I pick up after myself (or leave a trail of unfinished business behind me)?
-Do I work for what I have (or am I the type of person who’d rather sit back and wait for something to happen)?

Granted, it sounds a little like making a naughty or nice list for Santa Claus – but this line of thinking does seem to indicate how things will bear out around a Saturn transit (and in some cultures the mythical Jolly old St. Nick travels with a shadow figure, a black devil Santa, who has been known to physically beat the bad boys and girls!)

Anyhow, if you answered yes, you know how to do your Saturn maybe you too can take advantage of the foresight, love for planning, and the infamous “peering around corners” of this planetary pairing.