180px-Sienna Miller28 December 1981

Sienna Miller has become quite the socialite, tromping around Hollywood in her boho-chic signature style. Did she know she’d start a Capricorn fashion revolution, along with Mary-Kate & Ashley? Like another Cap sister Sun sign, Kate Moss, these Goats leave indelible impressions on the people they meet.

Sienna’s mug had been a source of tabloid fodder since her split from cheating husband Jude Law, which to her dismay has focused on her role as Jude’s estranged on and off-again ex, not her abilities as an actress. Many of the films she’s starred in haven’t reached critical acclaim, but because she’s a Capricorn, it’s probably only a matter of time. Time seasons her and other Capricorns, for whom it takes a little longer to reach their desired pinnacle of success.

Likewise, public and self image can become a shallow mask for Capricorn, or can be skillfully wielded into enduring integrity. If she can manage her desire for public approval with the cool confidence of a patient Goat who knows her craft, expect to see Sienna around for awhile.

There’s also a parental theme with Capricorns, who can stay dependent on parental approval longer than other folks. Sienna has said: “It’s great to know that you can go to your parents and say, ‘I’ve done some things you wouldn’t be proud of me for,’ and they can say, ‘I’ve done the same thing.’ The fact of the matter is that nobody’s perfect: Even people who project perfection, you know they’re flawed.”

Similarly, the acceptance of their own human limitations, failures and flaws appear in the lives of star Capricorns. At some point in time, we all have to exchange the person we’re expected to be, for who we really are.