An expose’.capricorn coffee

I got together with an astrologer-friend yesterday, for a coffee and catch-up, something I’ve been doing a bit of lately with the ol’ Merc RX in Aquarius. Sure, we’re normal folk just like you, who talk about everyday things. But you guessed it, like that VW bug (Herbie?) that used to drive itself, all roads lead back to…astrology. It’s kind of annoying to be us, actually. You can call us freaks or boring, better yet call us compulsive – we just can’t help ourselves. Wanna be a fly on the wall?

“So ever since we got back from Europe, we’ve been on this coffee kick, we’ve been roasting our own beans in the popcorn popper…”

“I know I’ve been drinking more coffee since the Sun entered Aquarius…”

“You think coffee is Aquarian? No, coffee is definitely Capricorn.”

“How do you figure?”

“Think about what old people like best for breakfast: everyday, dry toast and black coffee. Coffee is dry and bitter. And it’s my unofficial theory (though I’ve never tested it) that people begin to like dark chocolate and coffee without the sweets and fillers around the Saturn return…And there’s Capricorn coffee co. – ever heard of them?”

“No. But I hear you. Think about it like this though: coffee doesn’t make you feel Capricorn – leaden and heavy, but Aquarian – you’re all jacked up on an Aquarian buzz. It gets your nervous system going. It excites your mind. Plus, my favorite farmer’s market coffee roaster just opened a cafĂ© during the stellium in Aquarius.”

“Well, it does get my creativity ramped. I think the Age of Enlightenment wouldn’t have happened without coffee… Maybe it makes people intelligent, smarter.”

“…Or maybe coffee isn’t ruled by either sign, but by Saturn. You can’t ignore Saturn’s co-rulership over both Capricorn and Aquarius. And Saturn is exalted by Aquarius, so good coffee could be Saturn in Aquarius…”

“Yeah but my nervous system is so sensitive, being a Cancer, I can’t drink it every day. Green tea is gentler, and balancing…”

moving on…

“So what have you been doing in your free time for fun?”

“Well I certainly haven’t been going to any of those astrology groups lately. The last thing I want to do after doing astrology all day is go to one of those groups and listen to people talk about their outer planet transits!”

“God, I know…. So how’s your Pluto transit going?”

“Ugh. I don’t want to think about it. If I think about it too much I’ll get freaked out. So what’s happening with that other astrology group? I have no idea what’s going on with them…”

As said, utterly compulsive.