I confess. With Mars retrograding then stationing around my Saturn for that hellish-ly long period, then the Virgo-fabulous eclipse, I’ve tried to stay as low under the radar as possible in the blogosphere.

And that was the exact prescription I gave my sister when she called last week, saying her company (not to name names but they have the word Star in it) was laying off folks. She was only one of several people I know experiencing big time shakedown in the lay-off department. Fittingly, Saturn (the sickle) in the sign of Virgo, the sign of harvest and golden, abundant wheat, cutting losses has become a theme in the lives of those around me – and this no holds barred theme on big time cutbacks (for prurient Virgoan purpose of efficiency and productivity) affects both the one laid off, and the morale of those left behind (and it didn’t help that said “Star” company announced new promotions on the same day they announced lay-offs).

Worth mentioning that while the Eclipse was a week ago, eclipse energy reverberates.

Yeah, like the reverb of a D chord I attempted to enliven with musical fingers during this period (am I a writer but not a plucker and strummer?) this energy isn’t all rock and roll, but discordant and to tell you the truth, mildly depressing (btw, guitar playing is so painful on sensitive finger pads! People actually enjoy this?). I’ve also been v. discouraged by the amount of criticism circulating in the astrology community at large, and how in my “other” astrology job my “inbox” or feedback box follows this pattern: complaint, complaint, complaint, praise, complaint, complaint, complaint… (if you want to know how complaining exacerbates & creates more of the problem, check out Eckhart Tolle’s book The New Earth). And I really do recognize this whole praise-blame thing, as named by Buddha as a worldly vissicitude in life, a given no matter your intention or action is. And seeingĂ‚ as buying into praise or blame is an ego trap in itself…

Here’s my solution. If you need to complain: do it here. As a sort of Eclipse remedy juju, I figure if there were a forum for complaining, we could transform the energy by consciously complaining. Here. Serious. Not just about me, silly, but anything. Because everything contains a seed for transformation – and as Carl Jung said, you don’t get through something by avoiding it, but walking directly into it (or something like that). So go ahead. Cream that Wheat.