Guidance for the Times Ahead: Bay Area Astrology Event June 7, 2008

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We all could use a co-pilot, for these crazy times. Maybe you’re guilty of “google-ing” astrology and coming up with a smattering of predictions that kind of make sense. Oh, but what if you could gather all your questions and answers about, say anything from what the Age of Aquarius portends, to the chart of the next president of the United States – and posit them to a panel of professional astrologers? Finally!

KT the Astrologer, (formerly known as Kelli Fox & founder of a ‘lil website called joins the founders of the Bay Area Young Astrologers, Bill Street, Rebecca Crane, Jessica Shepherd & Alex Villamil, with special guest Paul Bogle for an evening of astrological inquiry and mirth-making. Join them as they discuss upcoming elections, major planetary shifts and answer your questions.

With so many astrologers gathered in one room, surely consensus – and clarity – will prevail.

When: June 7th 7:30 PM 2008 in San Francisco, CA
Where: Fort Mason Building C, Room 205
Who: KT the Astrologer (aka Kelli Fox) and founders of the Bay Area Young Astrologers
What: panel discussion of astrological inquiry and mirth-making. This is your chance to get involved in a local and growing astrology community!
Cost: $5*

For more about this event please visit:

*MIXED DRINK DOORPRIZE – Your paid admission enters you in a raffle for a bottle of ZODIAC VODKA* Alcohol meets Astrology (is this Neptune in Aquarius or what??)

Come to the talk on Saturday night and enter a raffle for a coveted bottle of ZODIAC VODKA (currently only available in Texas)!! With its clean, naturally smooth taste, ZODIAC has revolutionized the vodka community both in name and quality. Each of the twelve zodiac signs are encompassed on their own bottle with a unique astrological description. For more information on Zodiac Vodka please visit


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  1. lindajohn

    Comment on this blog

    Guidance is good for the future. It is great to be able to ask questions and have answers to pose to a panel of professional astrologers. That would be interesting.
    It is nice to know astrology is so well accepted in the community. The price is small for so great a time spent in asking and mirth- making. What a balance! Mirth- making is interesting.
    Discussions on topics like the elections and planetary shifts are informative. Questions can be mind stimulating.
    It is a wonder what others think of astrology.
    A door prize is nice. Zodiac Vodka is an intriguing name. Astrology comes in many ways. It is even a part of food.
    I will notice the name of food items.
    Special Astrology Events are a great happening. People should gather to be a part of their shared interests.
    It is good to have special events. It gives guidance for a shared activity.

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