Obama, McCain & The Times Ahead: Bay Area Astrologers Speak Out

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Are the Sixties about to repeat? Who will win the presidency? Does Barack’s hopeful message match the challenging times ahead? A panel of six Bay Area astrologers converged last Saturday evening to discuss, dissect, and divulge the next four years of cosmic activity affecting our nation. The meeting was arranged by the San Francisco group, the Bay Area Young Astrologers, where young-ish professional astrologers convene to share their knowledge and hear their voice.

People Actually Use This Stuff?

The panel answered some general questions about astrology. It turns out that horoscope readers actually make life decisions from those ‘scopes.

“The general public will base life decisions on their horoscope,” said KT Fox, local celebrity and headliner for the event, who got on her soapbox about the importance of getting credentialed through accredited astrology institutions. “I always feel responsible for the information I’m putting out there. It’s amazing how many people in the world will use astrology of their daily horoscope to help them make decisions in their lives so that’s why I think it’s important we put out credible, accurate information.”

People can get obsessed with their astrologers, too.

“We used to get so much email a day -I got an email once from a person who wanted a pair of my shoes,” she says.

On the subject of whether astrology does help people, all astrologers agreed that astrology ranks with any other professional we might seek for life direction guidance.

“Astrology should be taught in school, as a course that would help people direct their own lives. Why not have astrology at the level of career counseling? People should be able to develop their own skills & self-navigate,” said Paul Bogle.

The astrologers use astrology in their daily lives, from spiritual to mundane. Many panelists use the planetary hours, the Moon’s cycle, and the void of course Moon to direct their day to day affairs. Bill Street, says it connects him to the synchronous happenings of the Universe. Jessica Shepherd dishes astro with her stepgirls with dinner, and uses it for a point for self-reflection to look back on the events of the day. Rebecca Crane spoke about using astrology in the context of therapy, and how it can help people let go of trauma or understand and make peace with the past. Alex Villamil mentioned the power of the now, staying present with the astrology, and not projecting into the future of what ifs. Very Eckhart Tolle.

Election Day is Full of Surprises

Consensus prevailed on: uncertainty. All astrologers noted the Uranus-Saturn opposition on election day as the overriding theme of the day, notably that both candidates embodied each of the planetary archetypes.

“The opposition shows facing off of the two characters. Obama is Uranian and McCain is Saturnian. Barack says change, change, change: Uranus is the planet of change. And McCain is the old guard, and that is Saturn,” said Paul Bogle. “There’s also a Mars/Neptune square in the sky that day. I’ve felt disillusioned myself about the ongoing subterfuge and concerned that the way elections are held aren’t always on the up and up.”

The planet Uranus’ involvement characterizes the contest with uncertainty and radical reversals.

“Uranus is progress, change, the future. Saturn is age, the past. This represents a tumultuous battle between these two archetypes. If Barack wins, that would indicate a major break of the past, indicative of Uranus-Saturn pairing in history. If you look at Saturn/Uranus alignments of the 20th century it’s swift radical change in concentrated periods of time. The energy where things turn on a dime can be indicative of this alignment. You could say sure Obama would take power but that’s also not in getting with the extremely quick radical reversals that accompany this pairing,” said Bill Street.

Looking at the candidates charts, both look equally unsettled on election day.

“Anything could happen for Barack, Saturn on Mars opposed by Uranus. There are two sides to that, either stifling or anything could happen. For McCain, he has Uranus-Saturn and opposing his natal Saturn. I didn’t look back 14 years ago for his Saturn conjunction. If he was a good boy things pay off now and if he wasn’t that’s the answer. Saturn is on his Neptune; I also thought of health issues, he always says he’s as old as dirt. There could be some kind of health crisis,” said KT Fox.

As this was the day Hilary, the first women candidate withdrew her bid from the presidency, Jessica Shepherd wondered if perhaps the glass ceiling (for women) has truly been lifted by 18 million votes.

“This Saturn-Uranus alignment plays into a grand cross aligned with Pallas Athene and Venus. This gets me excited. She’s the Goddess of Wisdom and Change, and is a woman in a man’s world. I’m assuming Hilary has given up her bid today though she’s super Scorpio & I can’t imagine she’s going to give up even when she goes down. It gets me thinking about the role of woman involved in this next election.”

It’s All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating

Astrology excels at predicting the future by examining the past. Which is to say, the larger planetary cycles do and have repeated themselves throughout human history. Notably, the astrological community is likening these crazy times ahead to the 60’s.

“The configuration related to 2012 is akin to what was going on in the late 60’s involving Uranus and Pluto planets of revolution and drastic change. Aligned with Saturn, there was alot of tension among people who wanted change at that time. The same planets dancing together at that time are re-forming in a slightly different configuration in the sky. People born at that time carry a seed of that time in their nature, so we can imagine people born then might be drawn into this upcoming change. This is a moment of birth trauma that we might think of related to the 1960’s and I think she’s getting close to being ready,” said Paul Bogle.

“War was the topic in the 60’s. It kind of scares me that war was the topic then. And now with John Mccain, War would be a continuation of who he is,” said KT.

This election also mirrors another historical election.

“This same Saturn-Uranus opposition also happened in 1919-20 – when there was national disaffectation with President Wilson who then led the nation into an unpopular war -just like what’s happening now. Voter rebellion against the past president elected a different kind of president into office,” said Jessica Shepherd.

Language, Please

To dramatize the vibe of the meeting, most astrology meetings often produce heated opinions and rumbles in the crowd – but the drama of this crowd was primarily didactic. Astrologers would lapse into astrolo-gese, a sort of astrologer’s shorthand, then pull back again. Astrology is above all else, a symbolic language, which presents it’s own challenges in communication.

When a crowd member asks, I see the symbols, but I need help understanding them. What does it mean? Bill Street breaks it down in plain English.

“Without going into the technical aspects, Paul mentioned the birth trauma of 1960’s. We’re looking at the equivalent of I’m a baby in a womb, how do I stay here when this Titanic force is being pressed upon me. To me, that aspect represents beyond rational problem solving. There is going to be change due to the fact that what is occuring now cannot be sustained regardless of how we move the chess pieces… beyond how we’re playing the game we’re playing. The alignment represents something beyond the physical-rational comprehension which applies letting-go and transformation which is beyond trying to problem solve in the way we’re doing it now. It’s necessary and cleansing. Like washing out a pimple.”

The Times Ahead. Who Can Handle the Big Job?

Whoever is elected is in for a big job. The astrology of the years of the next presidential term, leading up to an epic 2012, looks challenging. There’s a T-Square involving Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. What may get lost in translation in this discussion is communicated in tone, and foreboding.

“I think we’re entering some really tough times especially for the early cardinals. In July 21 2010 there’s a T-square with these planets. Obama’s Venus is at early Cancer and plays into this grand cross.I’m concerned about hardship over the next 4 years. Is that because change is hard? What Obama stands for does not reflect what’s going on. I think as Obama supporters, we’ve got so much hope and it doesn’t look like a hopeful time astrologically,” said KT Fox.

People do have a lot of hope pinned onto Obama. “With his Sun/Neptune square, Obama is being projected onto as our country’s savior,” said Rebecca Crane.

Back to Basics, Pluto entering Capricorn

The panel emphasized all this change is part of a larger cycle of time, extending all the way into the 2020’s. The first of this larger planetary cycle anticipated for 2010-2012, began this year when Pluto entered Capricorn. …But what does that mean?

“Structure, and the breakdown of structure. When Pluto entered Capricorn, zero was added to the decimal system, Romans built the first bridge. These were huge deals,” said KT Fox.

“So it’s back to building blocks. We’ll also see accountability in the government especially with the previous years we’ve witnessed. Purging the toxins in government. In whatever sign it’s passing through, we’re cleansing that sign. In Capricorn it’s the resources we use, the basic structures,” said Jessica Shepherd.

Pluto in an Earth sign bodes for earthy transformations. “Literal regeneration of the earth. Earthquakes in general, like what’s happened in China. Pluto will change the landscape of the Earth,” said Alex Villamil.

“When planets are in earth signs, there’s usually a reckoning with unsustainability, as in the dot com bust with Saturn in Taurus. Now we have Pluto in an earth sign too, so this purging on a physical level is what we’re going through,” said Rebecca Crane.

Bill Street offers another take on the physical side of life, tongue in cheek. “There will be lot’s of sex. Sex in politics. By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn, Elliot Spitzer will be the norm. By the end of Pluto’s cycle, less deviant behavior will be kind of accepted.”

So who’s gonna win?

With the hubbub of questions coming at the panel, the Astrologers artfully dodge the question several times. Finally, two astrologers take a leap suggesting the inauguration day, January 20, 2008, astrological weather favors Obama over McCain.

“While the election chart goes either way, aligning the inauguration day chart with the candidates gave me confidence. I was noticing Obama is having his Jupiter return (a time of expansion). The planetary patterns in the sky that day also mirror Obama’s chart closely. There’s a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction touching off his Mercury Jupiter opposition,” said Jessica Shepherd

in other words…

“It’s a good day for a great speech,” translates Paul Bogle.

“Yes, a presidential speech. Then we have a Mars-Saturn trine in the sky, which again Obama has in his chart. Mars and Saturn trine represent right place, right timing.”

“The Saturn-Uranus opposition is also aligned with the Mars in Obama’s chart. If someone were to ask me about this, I’d say you’re going to be asked to make a tremendous amount of effort in an area that’s very resistant to change,” says Paul Bogle

The forecast for McCain on inauguration day shows a disillusioned retiree.

“Saturn is conjunct the Neptune position on McCain’s chart. One idea I had was disillusionment and dreams crushed. If he were to see me as a client, I would be comfortable presenting this scenario,” he said.

“For McCain, Mars crosses the IC which one could say is the end of a matter. Also Jupiter is down there and if you think of a rise in power you’d think of Jupiter at the Midheaven. Instead, this is a retiring Jupiter. So yes if he were to see me as a client, I would go with this,” said Jessica Shepherd.

Thanks to Emily Steele for the photos, and Zodiac Vodka for the door prize – a bottle of vodka.


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  1. lindajohn

    Comment on this blog

    I don’ t think the Sixties will repeat unless it is nostalgia. Times change. Advance knowledge is a winning way. It is best to go ahead not back. The Sixties should be a celebration not a current way of life now.
    I am surprised Obama won the presidency. It is a nice challenge for a change. I didn’ t know if McCain would win. I only lightly knew about the presidential election. I wondered if Clinton would do well. A woman president would be phenomenal.
    I am not aware of Barack’ s message. I am sure he will do well since he was elected.
    People use anything that is available.
    Some people are very serious about Astrology. It is a way of life for some.
    I didn’ t know Astrology was a class or a course or an institution. Finding out about Astrology is more than a belief in mind.
    Yes, people use Astrology to make life decisions. It gives hope for a brighter future.
    Credible, accurate information is good. That would make Astrology stable instead of a glimmer or a hope.
    Astrology is used for advice in life.
    Astrology at the level of career counseling should be available if it is a choice of a student to proceed in that direction.
    Sometimes there are problems with elections. It would be better if they were always a smooth flow, like a business arrangement already planned in advance.
    I like the communication of Astrology into real life. It is interesting to hear Astrology terms as a part of real life.
    I recently read about McCain in an old magazine. He has been around for awhile in the government. That is funny that he said he is as old as dirt.
    War is current and going now. It is a major topic in life. I remember talk of war in the Sixties. It is always terrible.
    The agenda of the President in office is very important. His way of handling his everyday routine makes a difference. He or she should definitely discuss his or her future plans for handling daily office work.
    I would want to know what Astrology words mean so I could better understand Astrology otherwise I will pass an unknown word and hope I can still get the meaning or understand more later. It is nice to have a translator.
    Yes, change is hard. But once we get through it, we will be ok.
    I don’ t know what it means to look into the future. It is a plan or a hope. In Astrology terms I might be at a loss in understanding.

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