Dear Readers,

I am very excited to now offer you the opportunity to learn all about how the stars will affect your life, every month, from the comfort of your own home. We designed this format especially with our national and international readers and clients in mind, because we want to share the useful information we have been giving to our friends here in Fairfax, CA – with all of you. The great thing about using Skype is, no matter where you live, the call is free. So whether you’re in Poland, Spain, Wyoming (or Egypt, like me, pictured here!) now you can brew a cup of tea, curl up, and nurture your mind and spirit with the astrology of the coming month.

What: The next New Moon Gab with Jessica Shepherd and Fern Feto Spring will be held on Monday, August 25 7-9 PM
(dates for the following Gabs are: 9/29, 10/27, 11/24 – December OFF)

Where: Anywhere! Come and participate in person in Fairfax, CA *or* if you live out of the area and want to join in *see info below*

Cost: $25 includes a copy of your chart and handouts

What: Sacred gossip on the planets, the stars, and your life

How: Reply to this email with your birth information at least a day before Monday so I can have your chart on hand

*Now you can join us on Skype!

Once you have Skype do this:

1. Email me your birth info (date/time/place), and submit your payment
of $25 by Paypal at

2. Send me your skype user name and we’ll email you a link to the skypecast

3. Go to the Skype link at the appointed time. You can listen in to the class, and participate
by asking questions and making comments by typing on the chat section
(if you have questions on how to do this, just send them my way…) We
will read your questions and comments out loud as they come in.

4. We’ll email you a copy of your chart and handouts before the Gab.

To download Skype to to