New Moon in Pisces: Notes From the Fishbowl

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I never had the aspiration to be an actress. I was once given the part of handmaiden (with no lines) in a Sheherazade play in highschool which I boffed by giggling nervously on opening night. However, recently I played astrodrama with my astro-friends and found myself cracking everyone up with Saturday Night Fever dance moves.  I played North Node in Leo, grabbing a red blanket and squishing it close to my heart and then Chiron, picking the wounds off my magic wand, I felt as though a new talent might be coming through. This wasn’t possible by the previous limits of my conscious personality but when I surrendered to the moment and became guided by it, it led me somewhere new and magical. I became bemused and be-wonderful.

Am I destined to be on camera? I don’t know about that. My facial expressions are more Ally McBeal or Audrey Hepburn (in Funny Girl) than cool and composed. Awkwardly charming? I’ll give you that. I’ve even had a few Fish bites at my toes from people who want to see me do astrology on camera and though it’s flopped so far I’ve become more captivated by the dreamy thought. Now I wonder. What other dreams will possess me, what other channeled beings will come through? The New Moon in Pisces falls in my Fifth House of creativity, drama, theater, self-expression. During Pisces times the surreal and sublime mix with the absurd to present some strange and stranger yet concoctions. That anything could go move from the mind’s vision to another more or less real vision is basically true. Perceptual shifts are ripe for the dippin’. Pisces energy teaches that everything in life is a mere shift of consciousness away. Where we place our attention, what we focus on, changes everything.

While riding a commuter bus from my temp job the other day a woman sitting next to me, a stranger, began quizzing me about psychics and astrology. As is often true, discovering I was an astrologer both fascinated and bothered her. For many who experience this conflict, it boils down to one simple question: Do I believe? It’s a Pisces question. She said she didn’t believe in astrology but she was curious about…everything. I answered her questions. Yes, I believe all people are psychic, and as with any skill or talent, some people are more developed than others. No, psychism and astrology are different but I believe both help people connect to the mystery and wisdom of some greater interrelated force. She listened intently because recently, a friend who had seen a psychic was, if nothing else, deeply comforted and empowered by the exchange. I saw that, in talking to me, she became clear that if a psychic could do that, they must be helpful. See, there was never really anything for her to believe in or not; belief is irrelevant in the face of direct experience. I’d had that.

Spirit is talking. The only crime of Spirit is putting too much belief in the wrong reality. Believing our world is a dark place full of fated and immovable objects is a sneaky trickster and as Believers (and that’s who we all are during Pisces times) the highest crime of Spirit order is to allow a mistaken version of reality rob us of the magic and the mystery that is our spiritual birthright. When we’re feeling the laws of gravity so greatly we’re weighed down, we’re out of connection with the Source of all possibilities, and thus our Source. When we’re happily inside the fishbowl, we’re taken over by imaginative forces. Here, discernment is darn near impossible. It all pours in, filling us up. We may wonder, is this my perception or yours? Who is doing the believing or disbelieving? And is it true? Even if we’re actively asking, it’s enough to make you swim in Fish circles. The questions are interesting, and are sometimes irrelevant. Sometimes we need to just let go of the mind and let consciousness flow our fish lungs like water, through, in and out and back in again. After all, just a few weeks ago I thought that I was a terrible actress. Turns out I only needed to find my flow.

When we align with the infinite, life gets strange because Spirit asks us to trust whatever comes our way. That’s the deal. Spirit speaks in paradox of either/or, both/and and flat out silly. The Universe throws you something incomprehensibly wild or unexpected – just because. Consider it a love note from the Universe. We are dreaming the dream awake. Don’t try and solve it like a math problem because Pisces is a crazed Zen master with a Koan riddle. When you give up what you’ve been trying to solve and fix and understand – you finally arrive. Of course if you’re a problem solver and fixer by nature, this could get challenging. So prepare to stop making sense immediately. Here’s some to get you going, God is also dog spelled backwards. Sheep wear wolves clothing. George Bush got elected. Twice. See what I mean? Doesn’t make sense.

But it does. There’s only one way out of confusion: we have to trust the divine design. We may need to stay on the magic and mystery side of the equation more than we think up mad plots to get ourselves out of it.  One of my favorite seekers, Carolyn Casey often says, ‘the collective spirit is suffering from a failure of imagination.’ Pisces consciousness is the mystical and magical walking among us, as us. Spirit is here and now. It is alive and speaking through the synchronicity of a conversation, a song, the way we feel uplifted and connected and God-ly or Goddess-ly, and in our innate creativity to dream a thing into something different.  To our collective or personal predicament, imagination could be the answer.  Of course this may require a temporary suspension of belief, of making one’s entire being into an open vessel for incoming imaginal messages. Ahhhh, It is a time to surrender. Because when we do that, we can come up with the kind of art we could never make on our own.


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