The Moon’s Full in Scorpio – Even in Switzerland!

by | May 8, 2009 | Illuminated Lunations, Scorpio | 2 comments

Happy Scorpio Full Moon and greetings, from the Land of Cheese (Switzerland). As a Mercury retrograde (May 6-30) preventative, I’ve personally decided to not reinvent the wheel, a little difficult for an author when she’s under multiple writing deadlines. So in keeping my promise to myself, I’m ‘re-‘publishing a previous post.

A ringside seat into the sex lives of insects – you’ve got to see it – it’s an irresistible watch. It’s like national geographic meets, david lynch, meets playboy, or in this case the Mr./Mrs. Earthworm Taurus does the 69 with Mr./Mrs. Earthworm Scorpio (watch & learn: you’ll get my drift). There we sat, curiosity rapt, relishing the rare look into the secret sex lives of bugs. Read more at Full Moon in Scorpio & Green Porn.

As an aside, over the past few days I’ve witnessed the following Scorpio tales: 

Death & Compost: a) Chef of a restaurant we were due to eat at, offed himself a few days prior. Dinner was, obviously, and interminably, cancelled. b) Parked car on street remains unmoved (the owner of said car, yes a different person from (a), hanged him self. The police have yet to remove the car). c) No murders to report, though the neighborhood cats have been fertilizing local lettuce beds with their ‘love offerings.’

Sex: Secret liaisons and all accompanying emotional complexity & drama that entails. See: Love & Betrayal, Unravelling Love Triangles, and Love & Betrayal, Unravelling Love Triangles Part 2 on Venus & Beyond. I was just kidding before, but now I must *really* be having a Pluto transit.

Magic: And in the occult department… (as the resident astrologer, that’s me) today I’m writing about the 7th crown chakra.

So yes, astrology really IS EVERYWHERE. We’re all under the same Moon!


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  1. fern

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Lemmy (Lemonade Award). It’s supposed to be for great attitude/ gratitude, which I think is something behind any great blog; yours is wise and wonderful. Further participation on your part (your own top 10, links, logo, and so on) is entirely optional; I just wanted to let you know I thought your blog was special:)

  2. Jessica

    thanks, Fern! I appreciate your support, as always.

    You deserve to be up there, too, and so you are!

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