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Moonkissd.com was recently nominated for a Lemmy or Lemonade award by Fern of Wisestars Astrology, for being ‘wise and wonderful.’ I’ve been writing astrology online since 2004 and it feels good to receive something. Even without the proper ceremony, red carpet sashay and fake-out kiss from a celebrity – I’ll take it! Even though I’ve yet to find an official site on this award, I understand that once you’re nominated, you nominate 10 other blogs (if you want) that show ‘great attitude and gratitude’ (according the realastrology.net ladies), let them know, & post the lemmy badge on your site. So passing on the good will, here are my ten astrology blog winners in no order of preference. You can also find them on my blog roll. 

1. Wisestars Astrology & Tarot. A Virgo who doesn’t miss a beat, right back at you Fern!

2. Big Sky Astrology. I eagerly await & delight in April’s bi-monthly full & new moon forecasts.

3. Julie Dembowski’s Astrology. Julie is a scholar. The whole astrological community benefits from her well-researched essays and forecasts.

4. The Astrology of Awareness. I read Lauren’s elegant prose and my soul is stilled. That’s got to be good.

5. Lucy Looking Upward. I’m smitten. Lucy uses the astrology to mirror the raw, messy inner process with intelligence, courage and candor. I’m grateful for her honest voice.

6. Chirotic Journal. Smart and soulful at once. I’m learning things from Chirotic.

7. A Question of Mindfulness. Buddhism + astrology = enlightening posts.

8.AstroDispatch, Astrology Around the Web Like a 7-11 for astrology. Open for all kinds of astrology all the time.

9. Jungian Astrology Sherene Schostak’s Jungian take on the mood of the moment gives voice to circumambulating feeling-energies with scary accuracy. 

10. Matthew the Astrologer and Clueless About Dating. Matthew is damn funny and surprisingly sensitive – for a guy.

Okay, I have to squeeze in a few more. Am I cheating? Prove it. I see no rules.

11. Erin Reese, aka, Bindi Girl. California girl Erin Reese’s  adventures of mind, body and Spirit as she falls in love with and makes a home in India. 

12. Sasstrology for providing solid astrology to the Pluto in Libra and Uranus in Libra generation, folks who are truly all about relationships.


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