two goatsThe Angels of Capricorn clearly want our full attention; they’re putting an exclamation mark (it’s an eclipse!) on today’s Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse. Cap has an eye for putting in due diligence work on outstanding projects, especially those called ‘my life’s ambition’ and being a solitary, self-reliant sign, we often do this Great Work alone. However, since Venus in Capricorn figures strongly in this eclipse we’d be wise to open our lesson book to the page entitled: “Capricorn-ing” (here’s to using Capricorn as a verb, see below), and grab a dance partner to Capricorn with.

Saturn is retrograde (1/13-5/30/10). Saturn retrogrades in Libra through 4/6/10, suggesting a period of re-working, re-negotiating and re-strengthening our supporting cast – our partnerships. Great relationships are the foundations of our life. Capricorn’s/Saturn’s secret to successfully relating is not being dependent on others’ approval while knowing we cannot accomplish anything of importance in life, alone. Partners with skills and abilities that complement our own strengthens both people. Try saying: I wouldn’t be the ‘success’ I am today without the know-how and skill of other people. Our partnerships can make or break us.

Notably, Saturn will retrograde all the way back into Virgo  (4/7/10-7/20/10) and once again back into that crazy Uranus-Saturn opposition gridlock of change vs. stasis for the remainder of April. I hear you groaning (look at the health care bill for an example of how this has not worked out so far). Keep cool ’cause things will get hot & feisty when Uranus enters Aries on 5/27/10, a once in every 8 year event. More later, when I can wrap my head around that, but with the maverick of change in the sign of the warrior, we’re talkin’ about some kind of revolution. Of mention, Pluto in Capricorn moves retrograde 4/6 -9/13/10 though when I first wrote this, I conveniently ‘forgot’ to include Pluto – which says a lot about a lot. Humanity was barely beginning to make sense of Pluto when it was demoted to a non-planet status. It’s mysterious. Speaking from a personal waist-deep-in-it perspective, of late I’ve discovered a few unidentifiable dark energy masses in my system that appear to be compromising the whole. The Plutonian choice: clean it up & align with a greater energy body -or- get bogged down in crap.

First, Jupiter enters Pisces 1/17/10-6/5/10;  re-enters via retrograde on 9/8/10). Jupiter, everyone’s favorite Uncle, comes a visiting every sign once every twelve years. Obviously great for Pisces born, who can expect personal expansion & heavenly assist at this time, but in Pisces, what’s good for One is good for All. Jupiter is in his home sign, so he’s freer to hand out inspiration, possibility, hope, faith, meaning and that helps every one of us.

Today Mercury in Capricorn is stationary, meaning ‘standing still’ (Mercury directs tomorrow 1/14). The pace will pick up. Mercury now sits on my Third/Ninth House Nodal Axis and I’m up to my Capricorn knees with work to be done for my new book, A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets to Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life. On that note, I’ve decided to re-run New Moon in Capricorn: Keeping Your Cool essay, in which my husbands words were committed to stone in ’09, “All we have to do is keep our cool for another year. No one has the money to do anything right now but if we can just keep our cool this year – we’ll be right where we need to be.”

Did he call it, or what?! I should hire him as my astrologer. Seriously. Here’s that essay on Capricorn-ing:

When I’m Capricorn-ing, I may not be patient, but I’m doing patience. I may not be an authority on the matter; I’m currently doing authority. I may not be ultra-disciplined, but today I’m doing discipline. By getting down to the business of, as my teacher Steven Forrest says, Capricorn-ing, I get the best from Cappy. This isn’t difficult, but it’s not easy, either. Often, Capricorn-ing only requires me to put one foot patiently in front of another, do the good work, and to stay in integrity within my deepest self. Hey, I can do that. Click here to read more.