574756285_3f2537a1c7If us Astrologers were to write up a cosmological code of conduct, a ten commandment doctrine of sorts, Thou Shalt Not Buy Machinery During Mercury Retrograde, would make that top ten list. Well, I’ve violated that. Twice.

Yes, but, because…when two of our cars overheated in the same day, and one died completely, Mercury retrograde be damned- it was simply the right time to get a new car. Or two.

The discussions about buying two new cars began far before retrograde, and so technically it wasn’t a new conversation, right? We had been dragging our feet –okay it was my husband, he just wouldn’t let his beloved Honda go– a car that had exceeded it’s nine lives by at least ten more. And the cars we bought weren’t new, they were used, so you could say we re-purchased them ((Hey, does anyone know Mercury retrograde’s policy on used cars?)). Or I could be justifying myself to you. And to Mercury. Because while the first purchase was a modern version of the old Honda (a re-run right?), the second car is vintage, or as some of us refer to vintage as, retro, a classic vintage 1978 Fiat Spider. I have no excuse for my outrageous behavior. Other than my retro ride is canary yellow and absolutely eye-popping.

During my first ride across the Richmond bridge I felt like Grace Kelly, wind-whipping through hair, motor purring & musing, this is a whole other level of car. I stopped by my girlfriend’s house and took her out to lunch. Then, riding back into town, my lovely Sunbeam stopped purring. Getting her towed to a re-pair man, to re-address old problems (see, she’d been sitting in someone’s garage for four years) an synchronistically, I arrive at the classic car shop in my and who do I meet but the Cars & Stars guy– yes,a local mechanic who is also an astrologer. I recognize him because he attended my last lecture. He recognizes me, too because he immediately chides, What were you thinking?! Buying a car during Mercury retrograde?!! Now every time we call to ask how the repairs are going, he cluck-clucks, rather punitively mind you.

Nonetheless, even if I just purchased a very high priced half-day spent riding around like a movie star, it was already worth it. I’ve decided that every woman needs to own a convertible at least once in her lifetime. It’s a whole other level of empowerment, beauty & freedom. I just hope to be able to drive mine.

Okay, yes, err I mean probably I broke the rules. I’m certainly not the first. Mercury may be the planet of reason, but during retrograde he works outside ‘laws’ of reason. Really, it could go one way…or the other. Or so I’m telling myself. Today I am appealing to Mercury’s love of trickery. I’m really hoping he’ll help me get away with it.