Asia Argento as La Vellini in THE LAST MISTRESS directed by Catherine Breillat. Photo credit: Yorgos Arvanitis/Guillaume Lavit d’Hautefort/Flash Film.Venus forays into the Underworld in 2010 from October 8-November 6 in the sign of Scorpio (all the way back into Libra from November 7-18). While it’s hard to know how the once every year and a half advent of Venus retrograde will affect each of us individually, there are consistent general themes: re-valuations of relationship, value and self-worth. A friend recently reminded me of the MesoAmerican Venus, Quetzalcoatl, known as morning and evening star; bringer of culture and civilization (evening) and impetuous, youthful & bloodthirsty (morning). Fickle. A varied Goddess, we will have unique experiences but can point our consciousness toward where we’ve been exiled from truth in beauty, sensuality, nature. By Venus’ heliacal rising (she rises before the Sun 10/28-29), we too may re-emerge transformed.

Rescuing Lost Desires, Wants

In Scorpio, repressed Venus material surfaces out of the dark and into the light of day. We can see where we ‘have been in the dark’ about our self and our companions. Deep wants, desires, passions may have been disassociated or cut off from our day to day ‘above ground’ life which we now see. We may even find a wild child part of our self who has been living in a cave for months- or even years- and this part of our self may be undernourished, neglected, and starved for integration and attention. A client of mine had a shamanic journey recently and re-discovered an earthy, sensual, fun-loving feminine being, which had been psychically buried since she was a teenager. She said, ‘That was when I decided life was about getting a career, and getting ahead. In that life, there was no place for her.’ In our patriarchal culture where the feminine is constantly being abandoned for the rat-race thinking of getting ahead, almost daily we are faced with the choice of feminine self-abandon. When we lose connection with our fierce feminine intuition, our fertile imagination, our moist sensuality, the part of our self who unapologetically loves what it loves and desires what and who it desires, we also lose our connection to that part of our self who can gracefully ride the waves of life, love and loss with equanimity, and without any loss to self.

Yet when we finally see the light of day, we may also hit our edge with the old life. When Venus comes above after having been underground for so long, our un-civilized Venus self may not know or have the ‘right words to say…’ ‘know what to do’ or even get things wrong – at first. Imagine a powerful appetite rising up, full of desire and now fully making itself known. As one of my clients said, ‘I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who feel passionate about something, anything.  I feel like that’s missing.’ Hunger, desire for abandoned parts of self-experience can be fierce, demanding. Journaling is incredibly helpful for Scorpio/Pluto transits, offering a place for sorting out new to this world thoughts and feelings; when our thoughts/feelings are incredibly intense, it’s good to get a mouthfeel for these previously ‘secret’ ‘hidden’ or ‘taboo’ awarenesses before we speak them.

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