Venus in Capricorn: Woman of Substance

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“I want a fingerprint of my own and I want credibility, and that’s all I want. I just want some substance to my existence.” – Lisa Marie Presley (Venus in Capricorn)

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” – Dolly Parton (Venus in Capricorn)

“I find the same thing sexy in a man now as I always have: humor. I love it when they are funny. It’s to die for.” -Diane Keaton (Venus in Capricorn)

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Capricorn, the Sea-Goat…

Venus likes to be around other people; her sign describes our social nature. Unlike some other Venus signs, being alone isn’t something a Venus in Capricorn born fears or dreads. Not at all. They need regular periods of alone time, as solitude helps them to relax, to recover their peace of mind and sanity. This Venus sign is the archetype of the hermit. Wait, if that sounds a bit unglamorous, au contraire! Think Tyra Banks and Scarlett Johansson, also Venus in Capricorn babes. Point is, Venus in Capricorn is industrious, and she needs alone time to accomplish a creative work that brings her happiness. No one accomplishes greatness if they’re too busy entertaining and cavorting to sit down and focus; as other Venus signs flit about looking for a new someone or something that suits her fancy, Venus in Capricorn knuckles down. She gets intimate with an art, craft or hobby; she explores more deeply her love for genealogy, her craft for collaging and scrap-booking, or architectural design. In pursuit of pleasure, she can accomplish some serious fun.

A Venus in Capricorn in love…

Venus in Capricorn needs to be in a loving, interdependent relationship, and yet not actually need the other person to be complete. If that sounds like a paradoxical task, it is -but it’s not impossible! Venus in Capricorn is separating love from need, because in loving relationship, the thing she most needs to learn is to stand on her own two feet. To be self-reliant. To trust her own authority within a loving partnership. Her love ally is someone with experience and a clear grip on reality, and this someone is a responsible adult. A partner with self-direction, who demonstrates sparkling clarity and maturity, who is equally self-sufficient and reliable as she, sets the space for a lifelong bond.

What this Venus sign needs to keep the love going…

Virginia Woolfe, a Venus in Capricorn born, wrote, A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction. How does this need for ‘a room of one’s own’ play out in relationship – a bond that relies on total togetherness? An ideal relationship has two rooms. Room for two individual people who lead their own lives independent of the other, and also room for the two to meet and come together tenderly, as one. Structurally, rooms are bound spaces, so boundaries of space, time and personal need to be negotiated, understood and mutually honored by both. Obviously, not everyone one meets will enjoy this self-reliant, contained, yet interdependent style of partnership- but the Venus in Capricorn person does!

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  1. K

    You know, this may be the first description of Venus in Capricorn I’ve liked and identified with. Usually all people have to say is “they’re boring” or “they’re hookers”. Occasionally there’s a scintillating compromise, and we’re boring hookers.

    Thanks, this is a nice change.

  2. Jessica

    Glad you identify, K. Well, prostitution is the oldest profession in the world (though I think astrology is the other ‘oldest profession’), which also really speaks to a girls’ ability to resourcefully scrape out a living, to survive during tough and difficult times– a Capricorn Venus skill. Since the goat likes to fulfill ambitions, you’d probably be ‘boring’ or bored without a hobby or some attempt at profession, and maybe you enjoy things that are uninteresting or boring to a lighter sign, say Gemini for instance. It’s important to really examine what we hear; most astrological distortions about astrological come from what happens when we’re not embracing the optimal behaviors of that sign.

    ‘They’ also usually fail to say how very funny you all are. Venus is the laughing goddess, and you have a capricious sense of humor (capricious=capricorn)!

  3. Kim

    Thanks for this. Classy.

  4. MaryAnn

    With Scorpio sun and raising sign and moon in Sagittatius and Mars in Aries about the only thing I can agree with is my need for “alone” time – in fact alone is always better – until I’m ready to come out and play with someone who is self-sufficient – I do like to be around powerfull people though and manage to attract them.

  5. Peggy

    Ahhhh. What a nice change. I have to agree with K on March 29…this is the first reading that describes me to a T. I love my time alone so much that at night I give my husband a nice massage so he will drift into a blissful sleep so I can tinker with my books, surf the web, delve into the mysteries of the universe and gather more an more info to intergrate into my life, so that when I do go out into the world I can be more self-reliant, a bit more informed, and enriched in my intellect. When I am not doing these things during my alone time, I am studying toward an English degree in Professional and Technical Writing. I also love being in a relationship with someone I don’t need, but WANT to be with. Yay! Finally I can fully embrace my Venus placement as the intermittent hermit without feeling like there is something wrong with me. Thank you for this post. It will be with me forever.

  6. Michele

    Yes, this is a great post! No wonder I love the Bohemian fashion styles. I definitely need to embrace my authority. It’s hard with Moon in Virgo conj. Pluto on my MC. I feel alone in the world and don’t feel that I can find my place in it unless I do something independently. I just don’t know what that is yet.

  7. maya

    What a wonderful post! This is the best description of Venus in Capricorn I have heard. Right on target with the need for solitude, interdependent relationships, pursuing a serious hobby and having a career! Yes, we are funny too! Never understood the boring part. Just because someone isn’t OUT THERE all the time doesn’t mean there is nothing going on inside them. It is an introverted and/or restrained energy.

    I am Capricorn Sun and Mercury too with Mercury conjunct Venus, all three in fifth house. So it amplifies everything:)

    I would also add a love of order/structure. I am very neat, clean and orderly and do everything in a very methodical systematic manner. Venus Cappy is committed..not boring. I love variety too, but even than I approach in a highly structured way.

    Venus in Capricorn never gets credit for beauty. Venus in Libra/Aquarius/Scorpio/Leo/Taurus are the beautiful, charming, sexy ones. It is not fair!! Cappy Venus is very understated that’s all but very sensual.
    I think Venus in Capricorn is very classy and likes simple and high quality stuff. They often have wonderful skin and bone structure. People compliment me on my skin all the time.
    On the negative side, I think there is some insecurity about finding love, one’s own attractiveness, some difficulty in letting go or letting her hair down, since Cappy loves control. Cappy Venus tends to be frugal. Some may call it cheap. I think Cappy Venus doesn’t want to spend money when it is not required but she values quality, long lasting stuff and wouldn’t mind spending good money on what is truly worthwhile. She is prudent and discriminating.

  8. Michele

    @Maya, what you have said resonates with me deeply.

  9. Veronika

    Love the post!!!!… We are very crazy , loving,funny as hell woman:).. The boring hits us when we are in a room full of people we know … lol!!! Love the cap ladies!!!!

  10. Skye

    I have Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising and Cappy Venus. I love the simple fashions, and I have the moods where I could let loose and let myself go. But I also love planning, saving money, and once I know what I want, I go for it and don’t stop. However, I have had insecurities about not being given credibility. And I’ve never ‘needed’ a lover. It’s strange. I meet people who act like they’re committed – at first. Then I read they have a Sagittarius Venus in their chart LOL. They’re gone at the very first serious sniff of commitment. I know us Sagittarius suns have a bad rap for commitment – but I think it seriously lies in the Venus placement. I loveee commitive, long relationships, getting to know someone and going out of my way to do something for them. It just brings so much beauty into my world.

  11. Tiff

    What does this mean for a cappy venus that’s retrograde and in the first house?

  12. Les

    I have a Scorpio sun, Leo Moon and Ascendant with Venus in Capricorn…I loved this d4scription of V in Cap.
    I can be flamboyant noisy fiercely independent but very discriminating with who gets to know me. Humour is so important to me, having my own space too and being with someone without needing them hit the old nail on the thumb. Thank you

  13. Renee

    Hi all. I have just learnt the art of astrology and how the placements work and about venus. I am Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon capricorn rising and capricorn venus. What’s strange for me is I’ve been in a relationship for the last 16 years I meet him when I was 14. I have 6 kids with him and for some reason have always had a toxic relationship with him, so now I understand why I’ve weathered the most painful storms to ever exist in the world of relationships and for some reason I am still unable to truly break free of him. This year our of all the many many girls that he’s cheated with he randomly leaves me for one of them but still feels the need to remind me that I will always be his true love and his priority. I love being alone and I didn’t mind at all not ever having him around. But now that it’s a definite thing how as a capy venus do i let it go and move forward. I am so loyal and I love so deep. But because he’s my first and only ever love and only relationship I’ve ever had I feel so deeply stuck I don’t know my way out. And because I’ve found out how it is I do love and what I do with love being a capricorn venus it feels like there’s no other way, I don’t wanna be alone forever and I don’t know how to change or adjust how I see life or being in love. I don’t have many friends and I don’t have much options so I’m very afraid right now. I feel like I can connect to yous all by reading your comments so please please help if there is anything yous can give me advice on I would greatly appreciate it!

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