Last night I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking of a conflict I’m experiencing. It’s not a new one, it’s an ancient Plutonian one- the worst kind! As I lay there looking at the ceiling, scanning my higher mind for a solution, I attempted to quell the rising adrenaline by breathing deeply and feeling my body. Something popped into mind, My heart feels divided. Lately I’ve realized I can identify when a choice is wrong for me when, while sitting in the space of a potential scenario or choice, I have a physical sensation of mis-alignment. That’s when I know the integrity of a decision is off. This tells me two things: my heart is not at peace, and any decision made from this space, even if right, will be wrong.

When Libra Full Moon opposes impetuous Aries Sun the energy can be tense. Libra is charged with the incredible task of holding the balance and remaining peaceful while Warrior Aries Sun, full of stress and adrenaline stare down the moon, challenging her to lose her composure and cool. Yes, it is the season of risk-taking, courageous stands, of recovering our confidence, enthusiasm and energy but full moons remind us that there’s a body and soul here, and right now the body-soul needs to calm down, choose peace over stress, to not make hasty decisions, snap judgements, offhand remarks that shoot our stress levels to the roof and throw our world out of balance.

Balance is a never clear, tentative and ever-adjusting thing for Libra. As a Libra Rising, I’m reminded of this all the time. In our relationships, lives, bodies, soul, we’re never just in balance, we’re constantly working on achieving that space of inner and outer harmony. As this moon holds inherent tension between harmony and courageously speaking the Self’s truth, speaking our truth, even if it causes a temporary disruption, is exactly what’s needed to restore peace, love, harmony.

Libra requires that we learn to hold ambiguity, until we locate the peaceful answer arising from deep within, but not that we wait so long that we lose the chutzpah, courage, cajones to say what needs to be said.  Going within and finding the right moment to act is appropriate. That right moment will be when our heart is at peace, for it was only at the point when I stopped searching for mental understanding, got still and decided to pray: With peace in my heart, this situation resolves peacefully and perfectly did the peace that passes all understanding, come.