Halloween Costumes by Astrological Sign

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What’s so fun about Halloween? You get to dress up, and wear an aspect of your personality people may know about – or not! The cool thing about the zodiac is that each sign contains universal archetypes, universal energy patterns available to us all (for instance, Aries, the Warrior), making it really easy and fun to tap your birth chart for costume inspiration.

Want to enhance your natural creativity and give your energy a lift? You could go with your Sun sign, and your urge to shine, be seen and get noticed. What about your private self -that part of you that no one but loved ones ever really sees? For that, dress up your Moon sign. Or to exaggerate the “mask” you already wear in the world, dress for your rising sign. Your Rising Sign is your mask – the visible costume you wear every single day for the world. 

Aries: The warrior. The daredevil. The competitor. The leader. 

For Aries, winning the Halloween costume contest may be as satisfying as a sexy conquest. So go all out. Play with their ricky bobbyheads. Let yourself fully inhabit your character by quoting movie lines. Bring plenty of props and make sure they’re bloody: guns, knives, etc.

Ricky Bobby, Nascar Drive from Talledega Nights “Remember son, if you’re not first you’re last.” Spartacus, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City “knows good Sex”, Jason from Friday the 13th, Steve McQueen, Cleopatra, Casanova, Police Officer, Wonder Woman, Surgeon, James Dean, Famous Athlete, Cowboy, Warrior Princess

Taurus: The fairy sprite. The sweet pea. Sitting bull. 

Soft-natured, loving and gentle? Gruff and bull headed?  Or perhaps: No more Mr. Nice Guy or Gal? If it takes too much effort to bother with a costume, make it easy, or you’ll probably sit this one out, watching T.V, and eating.

Venus de Milo, Earth Mama, Milk Maid, Donald Trump, Money Bags, Shrek, A Flower, Gardener, Caveman, Don Juan, Beauty Pageant Winner (Carrie), Prom Queen or King, a Pussycat Doll (so brave), your totem animal

Gemini: The messenger. Networker. The novelist, writer, teacher.

It’s hard to pin you down to just one personality, which means you’re probably wild about Halloween. Pick a pop culture figure because you’re also an excellent copycat. Become your alter ego, it’s so easy for you. Quick & intelligent, in a jiffy you whip up the smartest costume on the block.

Star Reporter, Mercury the Messenger, the Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen Twins, Thompson Twins, Delivery Guy, UPS Man, the Postman, Student, Court Page, Court Jester, TV Personalities (great mimics), Comedian, Magician

gandalfCancer: The nurturer. The caretaker. The healer.

Sweetly protective, mystical and otherworldly, your costume reflects the Moon’s power to enchant. Secret clubs, magical rites and history tug at your nostalgic heart, for the golden days, the way things were… Choose mythical, historical figures that strike your fanciful imagination.

Mermaid, Genie, Little Girl, Princess Diana, Pregnant Mama, Moon Goddesses: Isis, Diana-Artemis, The Moon, Chef – Julia Child, Healer, Romantic -Emily Dickinson, Patriot, Costume Ball goer (your disguise is your shell), a Matriarch, Wizard (Harry Potter and cast)

Leo: The diva. The king or queen. The golden child.

You like to get noticed and be seen. A King or Queen reflects your noble character, but what about your childhood dreams… to, say, be a rock star? Think of your childhood dreams – they profoundly shape your life, connecting you to your inner child’s joie de vivre. Hello play day!

Leonitus, King of Spartans; Queen Elizabeth, Any Performer or Celebrity icon: Madonna, Mick Jagger, Rock Star, the Lion (from Wizard of OZ), Garfield the Cat, Showgirl, a Hero, Fireman (or Firewoman), Fallen Star, Performance Artist, a tragic Narcissist, Playa’ (as in lover of many), Don Juan de Marco – any Romantic

Virgo: The analyst. The critic. The helper.

You strive for the best in your self. sexy nunAppearing smart and competent appeals to your love of excellence. Yet for all your spiritual purity you’re also quite sensual and sexy, though you rarely let that cat out of the box. So call out your inner harlot by walking on the bright side of dark. Sexy nun, anyone?

Nurse, Doctor, Consort, Vesta or any Sacred Prostitute Goddess, Nun, Mother Superior, Dr. Phil, Virginia Woolf or other famous writer, Movie Critic, Intellectual, Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It, Crazed Life Coach

Libra: The judge. The great beauty. The artist. The peacemaker.

You are eternally one-half of a whole, so why not dress the part? posh n becks in laIf coupled, rock the power couple look. If single, you can be Juliet, looking for her Romeo. You’re so charming that you’ll likely pick up a few new love interests at the punch bowl.

Posh & Becks, Romeo-Juliet, Mortitia -Gomez, Zeus- Hera, Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie (as assassins Mr. & Mrs. Smith), JFK-Marilyn Monroe, Supermodel, Diplomat, Judge Judy, Divorce Court Lawyer, Barbara Walters, Artists Muse, Social Butterfly, Beauty School Dropout, Sandra Dee (Olivia Newton John) – John Travolta

Scorpio: The sorcerer. The spy. The psychologist.

You need no instruction. Darkness is your friend, my friend. You keep regular company with these fright night creatures, so this Halloween stuff is all familiar and fitting. It’s just so rare you get permission to let your shadowy sexy, illicit, taboo, murderous feelings come out to play. It’s your day!

Vampire (I vant to suck your blood), Criminal, Shaman, Witch, Dominatrix, Marie Antoinette, Morticia Addams, Prostitute, Dr. Freud, Lil Devil, Medusa, Nancy Drew (& the Hardy Boys), Sherlock Holmes, Surgeon, Financier, Evil Tyrant, Tony Soprano, Zorro (we like the mask), Porn Star

Sagittarius: The world traveller. The hedonist. The philosopher.

Sagittarius, the more outrageous your costume, the better. The bigger the splash you make, the better. Yours is the sign of going big. You’re absolutely unafraid to use your sense of humor and Lady Godivastrong sense of ethics and morality to make a political or social point –which you likely do no matter what you wear.

Lady Godiva, Pirate with lots o’ booty, mate, an Archer (of course), Hare Krishna, Guru, Prophet, Frat Boy, Flight Attendant, Pilot, Gypsy, Slick Salesguy, Nutty Professor, Famous Explorers: Sir Walter Raleigh, Columbus, Lewis & Clark, Sacajawea, Lara Croft

Capricorn: The hermit. The CEO. The devil.

You have a silent, commanding authority, though you rarely flaunt it. But this is your day to do exactly that. Choose to be someone important, visible, resilient, steely, stalwart and tough – which exemplifies a part of your innate character. You can also be a control freak. And now’s the night to let it out.

Capricorns (sometimes, secretly) want to be shapers of society, but they can also serve time in constricting, dead-end social roles that make them feel miserable and depressed. The Judge, Boss, President, Public Official, CEO, Dentist, Accountant, King Henry VII, Bloody Mary, Virginia Woolf, a war survivor, a long-suffering wife or husband, person with “one foot in the grave”, grandma or grandpa, zombie, escaped mental patient.

Aquarius: The outsider. The alien. The visionary liberatoalienr.

Give yourself full permission to be as freaky as you need be, Aquarius. Your ego has several other alter egos so let ’em loose. After all, what other time of year can you flaunt your strangeness without starting a revolution -and have your misfit ways actually, finally, belong?

Mad Scientist, Inventor, Misunderstood Genius, Free Spirit, Rebel, Flower Child, Andy Warhol, Marie Curie, Alien, Robot, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Revolutionary, Bill Gates (Computer Geek), Oprah Winfrey (an Aquarian)

Pisces: The actress. The escape artist. The psychic.

This is a very good dream. Sensitive Fishes, you soften the edges around fright night by surfing the astral waves for a better channel. Let your penchant for illusion and beauty run wild tonight. There are no rules when the veils part. You find it easy to morph into character, flow with the mood.

Choose a costume that reflect your connection to otherworldly dimensions. Your gift is an ability to channel others by literally embodying, becoming, them – even if you infamously get swept up in the mood and take a good thing too far. Neptune-Dionysus, Water Sprite, Actress, Dancer, Ballerina, Artist, Van Gogh, Picasso, Spirit-Ghost, Apparition, Helena Blavatsky, Elizabeth Taylor, Mystic, Martyr, Saint or Sinner, Dreamer, Psychic, Magician, Dr. Josef Mingel (the Nazi genetic doctor, also a Pisces)


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