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Today Moonkissd.com features another guest post from astrologer Lindsay Conover. Enjoy!

I woke up the other morning to the saddening news about the passing of David Bowie after an 18 month battle with cancer. Remembering him has brought back many memories of moments in my life of appreciating his creative work. He maintained relevance for half a century; continuously reinventing himself with a vision that transcended the boundaries of age, which allowed so many people to enjoy his various forms of creativity. The research for this blog post took me on yet another David Bowie journey, resulting in more insight into who he was and an appreciation for the immensity of his creative contribution to the world.

Born on January 8th, 1947 at 9:00am in Brixton, England, UK1, David Bowie was a Capricorn Sun (17”15′), with a Leo Moon ( 3” 50′), and an Aquarius Ascendant (3” 24′).1 The following quote from Bowie shows a complete amalgam of his Sun, Moon, and Ascendant combination in his chart: “I am a very disciplined person…discipline doesn’t mean that you have breakfast a 8 o’clock in the morning and you’re out of the house by half past eight. Discipline is that if you conceive something, then you decide if it’s worth following through, and if it’s worth following through, then you follow it through to it’s logical conclusion and do it to the best of your ability; that’s the discipline…whether there are areas in it that are not to ones liking, you have to go right the way through it, do it, and that’s what I do.”2

Tried and true to his Capricorn nature, the ambitious David Bowie completed his 26th album, titled ‘Blackstar’, during early 2015, while battling cancer. He strategically released it just two days before his death on his 69th birthday. Interestingly, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius was beginning to trine his natal Saturn in Leo on the day he released the title track of the album in November 2015.3 This transit would have supported his effort to produce new work. It also may have given him a practical outlook about the transition he was facing.

Although David Bowie was a Capricorn, his Sun was located in the 12th house of his chart. This bowie chartactually made him more of a reflective person, who may have preferred being out of the spotlight; a bit of a contrast to his Leo Moon which craved it! In a 2003 interview with Michael Parkinson aired on BBC, Bowie said, “I’m not a secretive person, but I live a quite private life, my wife and I. And we just find that we are just happiest in a place where we can remain and live our life on a day to day basis very anonymously.”4 The 12th house is not an unusual place to find the Sun of the mystic (Bowie was once a practicing Buddhist), artist, or healer. It is the process of connecting with spirituality, imagination, or compassion that draws them into the transcendent, which 12th house Sun people long for. As well as being an artist, I believe David Bowie was a healer. He managed to help others by tapping into the collective unconscious (a 12th house area of life) through his creative expression, giving a voice to those shared feelings that show us we are all connected. He once said, in a 2002 interview with Guillaume Durand, “The content of most of what I write, there’s been a continuity of alienation and isolation throughout everything I’ve written. If there’s one thing that I talk about, it’s these slightly negative kinds of thoughts.”5 In this way he helped others feel understood and less alone in the world.

In addition to having his Sun in the 12th house, David Bowie had a wide square to his Sun from Neptune. He experimented with drugs for inspiration (another potential 12th house Sun trait) and the square from Neptune amplified his struggle with addiction issues in the mid 70’s. At that time in his life, Bowie said that he lived on “red peppers, cocaine, and milk.”6 He was eventually able to move on from his struggle and was always able to channel the creative aspect that the square offered him.

David Bowie’s Capricorn Sun conjuncted his Mars in Capricorn (within 1 degree). This combination added to his drive and ambition and gave him the courage (Mars) and ability to act on his inspiration. The Sun-Mars combination led him being a bit confrontational at times. It’s not surprising that one of the stories we hear about Bowie is that his permanently dilated eye, that made his eyes appear to be two different colors, resulted from a fight as a kid. Ultimately we can see that the combination of his Sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn in the 12th house led to the amount of creative work he produced.

David Bowie’s Venus in Sagittarius conjuncted his Midheaven (within less than 1 degree). The Midheaven represents the career, aim in life, and how one is viewed as an authority. To have Venus at the Midheaven indicates he would be recognized as an authority for his his creative expression (Venus) which was expressed in a way that broadened the horizons of others (Sagittarius), and let’s face it, he was charming and beautiful to look at as he worked; other indications of a Venus/Midheaven conjunction! His Leo Moon, in the 7th house, trined his Venus (within 1 degree) indicating that he was also able to infuse his craft with drama (Leo) and emotion (Moon) that the public could relate to and at the same time that fed a need (Moon) in himself to be recognized (Leo). His Moon was conjunct Saturn in Leo, giving him excellent timing and calculating control over his public image. Pluto, the planet of regeneration, in Leo was nearby, aiding in an ability to continually regenerate his image.

David Bowie’s Sun in Capricorn was in wide conjunction to his Mercury in Capricorn (and inconjunct his Saturn in Leo). This conjunction infused his ability to shine (Sun) with communication (Mercury). As much as his work was adored by the public, he once said, in a 2002 interview for his “Heathen” album, “I hate my singing voice.”7 Can you imagine? Someone who’s talent is loved by so many felt that way about himself? But, those planets in Capricorn made him critical of and less confident in that aspect of himself, yet he might say, just realistic.

During my research I discovered that David Bowie had a striking sense of humor! “Many Capricorns have mastered the art of making people laugh. Their sense of humor can be of the deadpan variety—they’re generally excellent at keeping a straight face. They can be bitingly sarcastic, too.”7 His Leo Moon added a playful sense to his humor.

But I think what all who appreciated David Bowie can agree about the most is that he was a creative genius. Bowie’s Ascendant was in the sign of Aquarius and his Sun in Capricorn was inconjunct Uranus in Gemini (within 1 degree). This lent to his uniqueness that we see expressed throughout his career. This combination gave him the ability to tap into the ‘future’, so to speak, and to bring innovative concepts into his creative self expression that resonated with and inspired his fans. He was known as an innovator; particularly for his work in the 1970’s. His androgynous and other worldly appearance was an iconic element of his image.9 Some quotes from BBC.com about his passing sum up the Aquarian/Uranian themes in his chart: “Where before, artists and groups either evolved their musical style and appearance or remained unchanging, David Bowie seemed to be in permanent revolution. He was a great singer, songwriter, performer, actor, producer and collaborator. But beyond all that, at the very heart of the matter, David Bowie was quite simply – quite extraordinarily – cool.”10 And David Bowie once said of himself, “A chameleon will change the color of it’s skin to fit into an environment. I’ve done quite the reverse! I’m greedy for something that sparks me off and gets me thinking. One tends to find that on the outside of the mainstream. Once you get sucked into the middle of the mainstream, it’s tyrannical in there; it’s despotic. I don’t want to be ruled by that blandness. There is nothing in there, in the mainstream, that I want in my life. It’s just not what I want.”11 Spoken like the true independent spirit and visionary that he was!

For those of us who follow astrology, we know that Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since February 2008. The exact conjunction of transiting Pluto to David Bowie’s Sun would have occurred mid-march of 2016, but Pluto was moving within a degree of his Sun next month. Even so, all Capricorns have been feeling the pull of Pluto, bringing the Plutonian experiences of death and regeneration into their lives; urging a release and letting go toward a spiritual regeneration. And in David Bowie’s case, it was a literal letting go that was being called for.

Uranus in Aries had also been a player in his chart for quite some time, squaring his Mars and Sun in Capricorn beginning in June 2014 and continuing until his death. Biographer, Wendy Leigh who wrote Bowie, The Biography published in 2014, claimed David Bowie had six heart attacks in recent years.12 This is sad but not shocking news for those kinds of transits. In astrology the Sun rules the heart and Uranus rules the electrical system within the body, which makes the heart pump. The stressful combination of the aspects may have contributed to his health issues.

And finally, the New Moon in Capricorn occurred on January 9th, 2016 at 19”13′. Often the faster moving planets, such as the Sun or the Moon, set off the larger chart configurations occurring by transit or progression. Such is the case with David Bowie, as the Moon conjuncted his Mars and Sun at that time, setting off the transiting conjunction from Pluto and the transiting square from Uranus to those planets in his chart.

David Bowie’s chart was tied to the Uranus-Pluto square that has been occurring since 2012 as Uranus was squaring his Sun/Mars conjunction and Pluto was beginning to conjunct it. As I reflect on his passing, I recognize something big has been pushing me; nagging at me to be more real, speak my truth, shine. He showed us the true spirit of letting go (Pluto) and embracing change (Uranus), urging the individual within us all to awaken to our unique self expression as old, outworn patterns that have kept us stuck are being challenged allowing us to becoming more empowered. Who better than Bowie to inspire that in all of us at this time by bravely embracing the next step on his journey?

Oh no love! you’re not alone
You’re watching yourself but you’re too unfair
You got your head all tangled up but if I could only make you care
Oh no love! you’re not alone
No matter what or who you’ve been
No matter when or where you’ve seen
All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain
You’re not alone

Just turn on with me and you’re not alone
Let’s turn on with me and you’re not alone
Let’s turn on and be not alone
Gimme your hands cause you’re wonderful
Oh gimme your hands.

(“Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide” Lyrics)13

One final thought: Last night, as I looked up at the night sky thinking of David Bowie, I saw a shooting star! One more reminder of the ‘Starman’ shooting across the sky of my universe. Thank you, David Bowie, for all that you accomplished in your time on this planet and for sharing your creativity in such an inspiring way. You lived the ride to the fullest extent. You are loved and remembered fondly by many.

About Lindsay: Lindsay Conover has been reading charts and studying with various national and internatioLindsay_author_picnal teachers for over 15 years. She has a certificate in Psychological Astrology from the International Academy of Astrology. She is currently completing a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at New Mexico Highlands University and holds an Associates of Science degree in Hospice Care and Grief Counseling from the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Institute. Lindsay uses the astrological chart to provide intuitive insight into a conversation about our natures and the unfolding of our life in time. Lindsay’s astrological approach places an emphasis on honestly and lovingly viewing our natures from a meditative perspective so that we can become more aware of our personal energetic patterns and learn how we can successfully integrate them in to our lives. Lindsay can be contacted at lindsayc73@gmail.com or 505-577-3111.


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Photo Credit: http://www.playbuzz.com/answers10/which-david-bowie-song-describes-your-life

Chart Credit: bowiechart-e1440160764253.png?w=630


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    I am a cap. Lots of struggles last few years been believing I am letting go accepting I like hard work the fight, for me, over rated. I am thinking David Bowie found peace, super empowering.

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