2015: New and Continuing Trends

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It’s a New Year! Welcome! In 2015, some trends are continuing, while some are radically different from 2014. Here’s my very brief overview of what’s happening.

LauraWheelFortuneFrontA FRESH LOOK

As of 12/23/14, Saturn is now in Sagittarius until 12/25/17 (Saturn will retrograde in Scorpio from 6/16-9/17/15), giving Sagittarius planets the cosmic push to accomplish something important. Saturn is the difficult but effective teacher who knows how to get results, and eventually rewards us for our persistence, patience and hard work. Generally, it’s a good year to start a spiritual practice, study foreign relations, examine the beliefs that inform our perception of reality, go to University, or develop a more nuanced understanding of a broad topic. Sag is about stepping back and taking a comprehensive, fresh look at the big picture. Expect also to see: religion reformations, a new look at questions of ethics and law, a focus on improving foreign relations, universities and higher education systems. Look to when Saturn was last in Sagittarius (Nov 1985-Feb 1988) for more.


Since 2012, Uranus-Pluto has been applying an exact square, affecting cardinal sign planets (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). This continues thru March 2015. This planetary combination represents the need for radical transformation in our institutions, families, relationships, corporations. The first quarter of this year we will continue experiencing these waves of intensity. Astrologers have observed that for those experiencing this square, “it has to get bad enough” to change. So the first part of this year has the final hour feel…if you need to make a change, it is the time to take those steps. For those of us living on planet Earth right now, flexibility and adaptability is key to our survival. Those inflexible and unable to embrace a need for progress/change will find it hard to remain relevant.


Jupiter is the planet of expansion, faith and luck. Right now Jupiter is in Leo (marking Leo Sun signs for Jupiter’s bounty). Leo is the sign of the heart, love, love affairs, creative self-expression. Until August, Jupiter continues encouraging us to take a risk on opening our heart and sharing our unique gifts with the world. In August (8/11/15) he’ll move into Virgo in August, for about a year, making Virgo Sun signs the cosmic favorite. While Jupiter is in the sign of service Virgo, we’ll connect opportunity, luck and growth to areas of health, serving and helping others, and doing work we love.


For those looking for a relationship, in a relationship or looking to seal the deal, a major event of note is that Venus will retrograde in Leo from 7/25-9/6/15. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure and connection…. yet when Venus retrogrades, it’s like going to the zoo to see a magnificent Lion, only to discover he’s on vacation: we feel our displeasure and disappointment more acutely. These potential feelings of crestfallen-ness we experience during Venus retrograde help us to discover our deeper desires. For instance, as displeasure leads to reflection, you discover what and who you thought you wanted, you really don’t, or alternately that you value something or someone more than you thought.

Classically astrologers say this is not a good period for beginning a relationship or getting married. For those brides to be who already have set a date, you can do something to remedy this: nurture your Venus sign. My new book Venus Signs that can help with this. In my experience we don’t always focus on what’s possible with our partners, or for our self; knowing our Venus sign can help us with this. Venus retrograde will be an opportunity to value our connections and our self more, bringing more love into 2015.

Here’s to a year full of love, and jam packed with higher learning!

photo: Wheel of Fortune card by Laura Carson


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