The connection between heaven and Earth.

There’s a planetary conversation taking place between Saturn in Sagittarius, Capricorn’s ruling planet, and Neptune in Pisces (square thru September 2016). The promise of this combination is integrating the divine into the ego. The risk of this combination is exaggerated fears and feelings of separation. Molehills can become mountains when we take our fears too seriously, leading us to a macabre picture of believing in a very scary “reality”. To lighten up, let’s listen in on an edifying conversation between the two planets.

Scene opens on a misty mountaintop on a planet far from Earth. White-bearded Neptune, clothed in robes, looks down through a portal to Earth, where Saturn has returned from a visit– looking worse for the wear.

Neptune in Pis: My, my. Things are looking a little cray-cray down there (laughing softly, stroking beard). And yet everything is as it should be.

Saturn in Sag: What?! Are you reading the news? Look at all these people that are doing it all wrong. If they would only believe what I say… if they would only be level-headed and open their numb nut skulls and listen…I could finally get things under control.

Neptune in Pis: (smiling bemusedly) You know, you really aren’t as separate as you think you are.

Saturn in Sag: What kind of half-a** response it that, Neptune?

Neptune in Pis: (pondering for a moment, stroking beard) Tell me something: Do you really think that you know the Divine plan?

Saturn in Sag: Why do you always speak in riddles, dude? I’m telling you that the world is going crazy and the only way to change it is… (suddenly loses train of thought, looks into the distance, Neptune smiles knowingly).

Neptune in Pis: You don’t really know how to do that, do you? Take a moment and feel into this. How about letting go of your beliefs about what needs fixing or changing for a bit?

Saturn in Sag: What’s my job, then? I’m an ego and an ego needs a job.

Neptune in Pis: Your only job is to align yourself with your Divine Spirit, the I AM.

Saturn in Sag: But won’t things fall apart then? Isn’t that the same as passivity? What… you want me to just meditate through all the chaos???

Neptune in Pis: Paradoxically, if you focus on being the light, the light will spread to the world, naturally and lovingly. If fear is behind your words and actions, you’re adding to that vibration in the world, not helping it. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your strength of character and wisdom, Saturn.

Saturn in Sag: (shuffling his feet, not enjoying the experience of being schooled) …Well, okay, I do see that I’ve been really afraid. Fear is behind all those Facebook posts I’ve been doing, and the conversations I’m having about the world. I can get pretty extreme, evangelical even.  I get… afraid… and I want to control things with my philosophy about how it should be. That’s my shadow.

Neptune in Pis: Now we’re getting somewhere! Honesty with your emotions will always open the door to the Spirit world. Saturn, don’t deny your fear. It can be terrifying having a body, being on Earth. It can be scary, this not knowing. Some things on Earth are very broken. Be with those feelings, but drop the story, and you settle into the ground of your being. The more you judge, blame and create stories, the more you make your ego self and ego world more solid and real than your Divine self and world. And as long as you do that you will always be in an oppositional relationship with your True Nature.

Saturn in Sag: Divine Self? True Nature? Huh?

Neptune in Pis: That’s me…and you. I am the origin of all things. I am the ground of your being. Every time you say “there’s nothing to do…no one to be…I AM” you call forth your True Nature, which is pure bliss, peace and grace. Hanging out in anything other than that isn’t you, and isn’t worth your energy and time.

Saturn in Sag: I feel I intellectually know this, but…

Neptune in Pis: You need to feel it. Feeling is where understanding becomes real for all of us. Let that really sink in. Here, let me show you (Neptune sends Saturn’s grounding cord into the Earth, removes misunderstandings and emotions from Saturn’s energy field and reveals his true nature to him).

Saturn in Sag: Wow, what…What is that? (feels overwhelming sense of peace).

Neptune in Pis: Mmm hmm…Doesn’t it feel so much better to hang out with me?

Saturn in Sag: Yes! I’m so tired of being depressed, anxious and exhausted all the time! How do I keep doing what you just did?

Neptune in Pis: Every time ego rises up in fear, judgment or blame allow it to pass through you like wind through leaves. I also like to think of this as colors moving over the body. It’s just your soul experiencing colors; colors are neither good or bad. The trick is not holding onto the comfortable, peaceful feelings, nor resisting the discomfort. Always return to the I AM. Rest in that, re-fill your Divine Self so that strong opinions and emotions don’t send you into a panic.

Saturn in Sag: Can you be more… specific?

Neptune in Pis: Hmm, I see you like structure. Well, why don’t you just make a practice of doing whatever spiritual means for you. Every day, do something that gets you in touch with this part of your self. Nature is the highest light vibration you have on planet Earth, so that’s an idea. I heard you like mountains, right? You could go for daily hikes. Or meditate, take a course in Reiki, paint, do yoga, listen to music…Put it on your schedule. You like discipline. Make it interesting and fun, too, so you feel like you’re on a journey. I know how much you like taking journeys…

Saturn in Sag: Oh wow, now I have a job to do- that’s great! I like to work. And I really jibe with this spiritual thing, me being in Sag and all. Even if you go about it differently, I can appreciate what you’re trying to do here. And I really do want to have a more expanded experience of myself.

Neptune in Pis: That’s great, Saturn. Just keep integrating the awareness of your Divine Self into your ego and before you know it you’ll lose your taste for all the ideas and thoughts that keep you separate from love, bliss, and peace.

Saturn in Sag: I don’t like admitting I’m wrong but, in this case, I think you’re more right. Thank you, Neptune, for remind me of what I’ve forgotten.

Neptune in Pis: (softly chuckling) Namaste, Saturn.