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I once knew someone who had some very real obstacles in life. She just couldn’t get a leg up. It did seem like life was hell bent on throwing her curveballs. Nothing she tried, and she tried a lot, was working. This had gone on for years.

One day I sat down and had a talk with her. I asked if she believed the Universe always had her back, even when life was hard. I asked if she had a material worldview –mainly, that she was a passive participant, and that things, people and events just happened to her? Or did she hold a spiritual worldview, one where the invisible world of thoughts, feelings, energy and beliefs created her life story? Then I asked if she wanted to be the kind of person that good things happened to.

Okay, so maybe you’ve figured out that my “friend” was me. I had a long hard talk with myself. I can honestly say that I changed my life.

Sometimes we form a habit of struggle, it’s easy to do. The majority of 2016 has certainly had that “what kind of fresh hell is this?” quality. The Saturn-Neptune square had the feeling of being a cruise director (Saturn) aboard the Titanic (Neptune). But as I told “my friend,” we are only truly doomed if we believe in a world where things happen to us, instead of for and by us.

Jupiter is now in Libra and if there’s a cosmic law at play it is this: To receive more goodies in your life, be more Libra. What if the key to lightening up, leading a life of ease, is actually lightening up, going easy? Working hard to “get,” is no longer working. Generosity, ease and effortlessness rule this day. While Jupiter is in feel good Libra, the question we all need to ask is, Does this feel good? Yes? Green light. If it feels good to be around this person or working on that project, I’m there. When I judge another, that feels bad. So I stop doing it. Peace is the new black.

This isn’t about running up your credit cards, because it feels good, but examining what you do and think from energetic standpoint. I’ve started a new writing project, the first that I think has legs in a long time, and my only condition is that I feel peaceful while writing it. When it feels like a struggle, I walk away. I readjust my approach.

Libra rules the law of like attracts like, and I’m not talking about affirming for material things. Try withdrawing your attention from externals and going inward into the energy of your thoughts and feelings. Observe how like begets like. How your doubt begets more doubt, struggle begets struggle… and peace begets more peace.

Drop old patterns of struggle by claiming your peacefulness. Own your inner space as peaceful. Acknowledge that you are gooood. Even when others aren’t, and the world around you, isn’t. I literally just had the experience of watching my energy body step into a very old pattern, and then moonwalk itself right back out. I was surprised to realize that while the person in front of me was not, I was actually very peaceful. When we do this, we realign our reality from ego-based consciousness to our true nature, connection and ease.

There’s a song they sing at the Unitarian church that goes, “let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now.” Whether you want the world, or your life, to be peaceful, look at your thoughts, feelings and energy right now. This is not a deep, psychological process -save that for the Scorpio New Moon – but an intelligent, reflective one.

“My friend” had gotten used to the struggle. “My friend” had gotten used to thinking life was going to be hard. So she almost missed the memo, the one that read: A light, easy, touch feels so much better. Sometimes we need to check our selves, to ask whether life is truly hard, or if we’re addicted to the drama, excitement and adrenaline of struggle. 

Libra New Moon is conjunct Jupiter. What do you need to do to create more balance and less struggle in your life? What area of your life might benefit from the intention to have a more peaceful heart, and a lighter, easier touch? Stumped about where to place your New Moon intention? Look to 8’15’ Libra in your chart for that answer. Maybe we need to drop the struggle and step into peace. Maybe we need to start believing we are the kind of person that good things happen to.

Honor this moment of balance. Let it in. Expansion is palpable. Your life, your world, doesn’t have to be conflict-free to be peaceful inside. To claim your fortune, gravitate towards what feels lovely. Stand in your peace. Do what feels good. Good things await.