The Divine Venus in Virgo

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Real Time Astrology, Venus the Love Goddess | 21 comments

Venus is in Virgo from September 19 – October 13, 2017

If Venus in Leo is all about the bling, the Virgin sets the record straight. Virgo is, foremost, a realist, hardly diving into love affairs without considering how her potential paramour fits into the rest of her life. She is the busy bee, the worker bee who tirelessly gathers pollen for the Queen, not for herself, but because it connects to the endless stream of Divinity, where she belongs. She’s simply doing her part.

No other sign can see her place in the plan so clearly. If her lover does not support her animal rescue volunteer hours on Saturday, working late at the office or time spent introspecting in solitary reflection her blessed priorities – how can he ever understand her? It’s a question of practicality, one essential to this Venus who thrives on the myriad ways she can play conduit to the infinite.

Unlike Leo’s need for largesse, she is one small grain of sand in the ocean and this role suits her. She doesn’t need praise or applause. A kernel of recognition will do now and then. She’s searching for herself in the eyes of Divinity, no less, and surely finds herself there. Divinity notoriously communicates in small, minuscule and unseen ways and Virgo is well versed in the infinitesimal. She wears humility so well – because there’s no better portal for Divinity to enter through than humility.

She’s a sexy beast, too. Oh, can you say contradiction? Behind that prim, proper presentable attire is a wildcat, a tempest of feminine energy who saves herself for her one and only. Her one and only is the spirit-made-flesh variety, aka her divine lover. She is the woman who throughout her-story practiced sacred prostitution as a service to mankind uh, before the time man began viewing women’s sexuality as tempting and evil (for more on this subject see Demetra George’s book Mysteries of the Dark Moon). This feminine sign of Virgo ignites some of the hottest embers. Try Mick Jagger, Catherine Deneuve, Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts, Melanie Griffith, Kate Winslet, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Mae West and John Lennon. Pure and chaste, she’s no tease; she’s saving herself for her one and only. In courtship, Venus in Virgo first exhibits that Virginal impenetrable reserve…and ultimate surrender.

During Venus in Virgo times we notice our particular aversions and preferences in earthy, practical ways.  The Beautiful People, The Uglier the Better noted that in the age of tabloid information, we’re fascinated with capturing celebs in moments, in sweats, with pot bellies, looking generally unkempt – an astute Venus in Virgo observation. Virgo dislikes messy, smelly and crass. Cleanliness is goddess-liness for Venus in Virgo. We’re attracted to purity, elegance, glamour and the beauty of crisp, clean white. She’s the harlot and the saint – a true woman’s woman.

Venus in Virgo always helps a sister out, and if there’s a choice she’ll sacrifice her personal needs first. Maybe she’s a saint, but even Mother Teresa deserves appreciation. How? Notice the details. What may be superfluous information for others never goes unnoticed for her: How she spends her day to day, the new project she’s picked up, re-telling a conversation with a friend. Venus shares, and this Venus needs to share the mundane, ordinary hours of her day with someone who is genuinely interested in her well-being. Every Venus wants you to notice her new hairstyle, but Venus in Virgo needs you to notice the deeper message of the hairstyle – it speaks volumes about what she’s growing toward and moving away from.

Oh, and by the way, she analyzes and analyzes her relationships. Expect it. Love is in the details and by gosh she will find them, hence her reputation for being myopic or nit-picky in relationship. For Venus in Virgo, love is…careful attention.


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  1. Lise

    Wow — some of these thoughts gave me goosebumps because as a Virgo, I love it…like a melodic chord being struck…when words ring true for me, esepcially as they relate to how I (my Virgo energy) relate to myself. Right on, Jessica! I’ve always appreciated how fair you are with Virgo energy. OK — so what gave me the thrills? The words “the beauty of a crisp, clean sheet”…oh, I could dive into that bed except as a Virgo, I so do appreciate just admiring those fine lines and squarely tucked corners. What else? “What may be superfluous information for other signs never goes unnoticed for this Love Goddess.” It’s our blessing and our burden and thank you for understanding…but save the best for last…”For Venus in Virgo, Love is…careful attention.” Chills! Right on, Jessica!

  2. Anonymous

    Absolutely spot on! 🙂

  3. Danielle

    Thank you for this article! You couldn’t have described me better. I am a Double Leo with Venus in Virgo (talk about a study of contradictions)! Men often misunderstand me because I have so much fire in my chart (Sun, Ascendant, and Mars in Leo; Moon, Uranus, and Jupiter in Sagittarius), but then I have this Venus in Virgo that comes out of nowhere. People call me “the life of the party,” but then I get shy at the beginning of a new relationship. I’m one of those women with a “checklist” that a guy has to pass before he gets a second date with me…and very few men make the cut! It takes me a while to get comfortable with a potential lover, but once I feel the relationship has potential I give it everything I have.

    I often think the High Priestess Tarot card epitomizes Venus in Virgo. She can stand on her own. She is self sufficient. She doesn’t need a man to complete her and she is full of wisdom if you only listen.

  4. hayley

    Jennifer lopez actually has a venus in Gem haha. But yeah, I’m a virgo sun and mars (libra moon, venus and mercury) and aries rising and I can be pretty indifferent with ppl I like.

  5. Leila

    Loving your interpretation–it resonates 🙂

    And, I love your posts
    many a time I have googled my way here to my delight
    Finally, I am compelled to write
    and say
    thank you, and namaste <3

  6. Jessica

    Thank you, Leila. I can’t tell you how revitalizing it is for me to hear that I do have readers like you in that wide wide ocean of words. I have a book coming out in Jan 2015, Venus Signs, which I think you’ll really enjoy. Keep checking back! xx Jessica

  7. Stephanie

    Gosh. You read my soul. As a woman with Sun, Venus and Mars in virgo, thank you for restoring a breath of sensual hope to my being. I have read a whole bunch of other (rather shallow) interpretations that make people with Virgo influences sound like such boring-but-devoted lovers. You’re the first person whose work I have read that has also made the link to something I have on occasion felt intuitively, the sacred prostitute archetype. We can give so deeply but in ways not many can even sense, let alone appreciate. I want to buy your book now.. Much love.

  8. what

    what are you talking about? those people that you named are all Leo Sun signs, what do they have to do with having Venus in Virgo?

  9. Jessica

    All of those named in this article have their Venus in Virgo. For a brush up, my book Venus Signs will help you understand the difference between your zodiacal Sun and Venus sign.

  10. Anthony

    Why are Venus in Virgo women so picky? Is it because they have really high standards and what a perfect guy? I know a girl here in college who has a Venus in Virgo. She truly is the whole package, intelligent (academically and socially), beautiful, big heart (super kind to anyone), and extremely funny. But she’s never had a boyfriend! She was super popular in high school, and was known as the sweetest girl by all the other girls, and she never bothered to date someone.

    Why are these girls so picky?

  11. Jessica

    Anthony, Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, which means “self-possessed”– a quality of inner integrity, of not being able to be bought or sold. The more self-contained this Venus sign is, the more attractive they become as inner purity makes her erotically attractive. So what looks like “picky” to you is actually a healthy reflection of this dynamic. This is similar with Virgo rising, too, and I’ve seen this with Vesta in Virgo as well.

  12. Anthony

    Sounds interesting. The girl I mentioned, she has a Venus in Virgo, and also a Mars in Leo. I wonder what that makes her.

  13. Liv

    Wow, I love your answer about being self-possessed. This really helps me to understand the Virgo energy at a deeper level. Most things written about Virgo are at such a surface level that I think it’s even misleading! And how cool you’re from Fairfax, I’m from Novato! 🙂

  14. Saun

    I agree the Sacred Prostitute archetype deeply resonated with me as a Virgo Venus and Mars conjunct. As well as being self contained, another important role I believe. I am constantly reminded that the Master is self contained. Anyway yes, I have often thought I would heal through sex if I were to lose my husband for some reason. I even feel that I attract a lot of male friends (although I’m aquarius moon so that probably has something to do with it) because they’re healed by my sexual energy in Virgo without even having to be physical. This is a great article, thank you 🙂

  15. Sasha

    Does the natal degree orb have significance? For example, a woman with Venus in Virgo at 15°, more heavily embodies Venus in Virgo than a woman with Venus in Virgo at like 29° or 3°. Is there truth to this?

  16. Jessica

    There are many factors at play, Sasha, not just degrees (“orb” is a different term and not relevant to this question). But…I’ve heard the 15 degree adds an element of instability to the planet and that applies to my 15 degree planet. 29 is a fruition/culmination degree, like the ripe fruit of the sign at its very best or worst. I have never heard of 3 degrees having significance. xx

  17. Tony Macaroni

    Hi Jessica. Can you elaborate more on the harlot and the saint part? Does this mean a Venus in Virgo is more likely to cheat in a long term relationship? Or that it’s common for them to collect many sexual partners while single and in between relationships?

    My sister has a coworker who is a Venus in Virgo. They both work night shift and get off at 2:30am. She has a boyfriend of 6yrs but is always over my sisters house for hours at a time at odd hours after work (3am-8am). My sister is single and hangs out with guys after work sometimes. I just wonder how my sisters friend is so comfortable being over my sisters house and away from her boyfriend those hours of the night knowing that there’s a chance of her being around those guys in a more intimate such as a home. She seems to enjoy being around the opposite sex and making guy friends. Why is this?

  18. Jessica

    Tony, in some Goddess-centric cultures women could share their sexuality freely as a portal to the Divine. Unlike today, spirituality and sexuality were not divided but an expression of sacred union. Sex as sin is a religious invention of the patriarchy. Of course this doesn’t mean a Venus in Virgo is more likely to cheat or be promiscuous. She does, however, sense the deep tie between sex and the sacred.

    “Why does she enjoy being around men who aren’t her primary partner?” — I’d start with common sense. Maybe your sister’s friend is unhappy in her primary relationship.

  19. QueenJeneene Bey

    And yes, I don’t need applause or praise.

  20. Corina

    Wow, totally nailed it!

    (Except as a triple Libra, I never evaluate how paramours will fit into my life….. I just fall in love with whom I happen to fall in love with, LOL!)

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