“Come home” calls a distant voice from deep inside.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling more emotional lately, or your attention has been too focused outside your self. Don’t worry, this will be easy. Just set the intention: to withdraw from the external world, to let go of concern about what’s going on outside of you, about anything but you, right now. This time is for you and only you.

(I suggest putting on headphones and playing this soothing background music.)

Start by going inside your body, noticing tension, and relaxation. Feel the tight walls of muscle around your stomach. The energy gathered inside your pelvis. The relaxed muscles of your legs and feet. Feel your feet on the ground. Your breath, how you’re holding it slightly high, or breathing in your belly.

Take a few deep breaths, come back into your self. Settle into your pelvic bowl.

Stabilize your body energy. Imagine your trunk is the trunk of an ancient tree, rooted into the earth. You are eternally: solid, safe, stable, grounded…the wind may rustle your leaves, rain may wet your branches… but nothing changes this fact. Take a few moments to deeply connect with this truth.

Now, feel your feet become roots, and send those roots deep into the rich, moist Earth. Let them expand as far, wide and deep as you like. Do not be afraid to take up space, to nourish your self. Feel the moist dirt cradle your roots, protecting, connecting, nourishing you for as long as you call this planet your home.

“Come home”, calls the voice, again, closer this time.

Your imagination opens, connects you with everything you love…

“Come home”… The smell of fresh baked cookies, the silvery glow of the full moon over a field of fragrant lavender, dozing in a fluffy feather bed under the purple night sky, curling up into the warm, furry, body of your favorite animal.

“Come home”… A field of rich golden light, the warmth of a distant star, the softest cotton brushing against your skin, reclining under a huge oak tree next to a shimmering and still, emerald-turquoise lake.

“Come home”… Release worry, regret, sadness, fear. They are nothing more than passing clouds, phenomenon that never change anything about you or your path.

“Come home”… A beautiful Mother Goddess appears offering you the ease of permission. Permission to be exactly as you are right now. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, nowhere to be. You are perfect. You are unconditionally loved.

A profound peace settles over your body. You are safe. You are loved. All is well. This is always and forever true. You know this. Connect with this truth for as long as you like. Steep in the peace, bliss and ease of your true nature.

Welcome home.

Photo by: Adi Ulici on Unsplash