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“Well, I’ve been afraid of changin’
‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m getting older, too…”

Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Changes have been brewing over here at, dear reader. Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been writing a lot more about energy and spirituality. Or perhaps you’ve seen the new look of my site, or the way I’ve dropped the “Astrology” from Moonkissd. Under my services tab, instead of astrology readings, you’ll now see only intuitive healing sessions as an offering. I’ve just resigned as one of the writers at, Dana Gerhardt’s beloved astrology site.

Why? Everything changes, and it’s time for a change.

A New Way of Being

Astrology has been my calling card for a long time. You may or may not know this: I have written Full & New Moon columns twice a month since 2004! I can’t even believe it’s been almost 15 years. Throughout all my explorations in learning various spiritual tools and methods, the “professional astrologer” hat stuck. Despite persistent inklings of wanting to expand into something more…I kinda thought this would stick, forever. Have you ever had your plans fall away, to discover the Divine Universe had other, bigger things in store for you?

Well, this has happened for me.

In spring 2016, something dramatic occurred in my consciousness and energy body: I begin to sense energy very strongly. It was nothing like I’ve ever before experienced, or thought possible for me, and it totally rocked my world. Fortunately and synchronously I found my teacher very quickly. She gave me context for the what of what was happening, the why, and most importantly, tools for how I could most gracefully unfold into this new way of being.

As I spent more and more time in this new reality, learning to do healings and clearings, astrology started to show it’s limitations. It works great for giving context, meaning to life cycles, and can be incredibly affirming. Yet alone it does not move, shift and integrate healing energy- which is what I was now doing with most of my time. With clients, new insights were emerging and I found myself wanting to offer what was coming through, but often because of the expectation that we were having an “astrology reading” felt bound to hold that language, format.

One day when I found myself saying during session, to a client, “Do you want to keep talking about it (your issue) or do you want to finally heal it?” and then proceeded to do some energy healing with her, I knew I had grown beyond what I’d created.


Okay, So How Does this Work Now?

Now that you know what’s up with me, how will this work going forward? Especially if you are a client, this may be important to answer (I will still write about astrology, some). In a client session, astrology is only one tool in my toolkit. For awhile now I have been moving toward intuitive healing, where I use a variety of tools like intuitive presence, channeling, energy healing…and some astrology, but not astrology exclusively. I’ve been transitioning for awhile. Note: if you’ve had a session with me during the past few years, the past year especially, you’ve already experienced this. You may’ve noticed my sessions have become more intuition based.

To be clear: I’m not doing just “astrology readings” anymore. This means if you want someone to do your chart, your baby’s or your partner’s chart exclusively, I am no longer your person. If you are looking strictly for an astrologer, I am happy to refer you to colleagues.

I know this news could be disappointing to some of you. But hopefully exciting to others!

Change isn’t necessarily hard, but it’s new and unfamiliar so can be disconcerting.

I’ve built a substantial following while wearing my astrologer hat. I bow deeply to and thank all of you for the years of support in that phase of my calling. Rest assured, I still find the language extremely relevant and magical (here’s a bone for you: transiting Pluto is currently opposing my Cancer Midheaven, and over the next several years will oppose my tenth house Venus. This speaks to the necessary reinvention of my calling and worldly contribution, as a healer).

Yet as all stargazers know, seasons change, and I have, too. I am feeling incredibly liberated by this next phase of my calling and its unfolding. I fully understand I may lose some of you in this transition, so thank YOU. For those of you who remain and are along for the ride, thank YOU.

Much love to ALL!


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  1. Jacqueline

    This is fascinating news and comes as Venus turns retrograde. A re-examination and a re-invention in areas I had not previously thought relevant to Venus but according to your experience is making me re-evaluate and expand my ideas. I hope you will continue to write about your journey. I also think of astrology as only one tool in the mystic’s toolkit. It sounds like you are doing energy work and I would be interested to hear more about what that experience is like, if it can be put into words.

    I personally think of these transitions as the “goo time” when one is no longer the caterpillar but is not yet the butterfly. Things can be very confusing as one’s former self is broken down and being reorganized around new and unexpected parts of ourselves. Hang in there! <3

  2. Jessica

    Thank you, Jacqueline. I am definitely in the goo time!!!

    To answer your question, in part, the energy healing I have described in my writing is one piece of this more expanded self-definition. And yes, my Venus is angular and quite prominent in my chart (aka, important) as she sits on my MC, so this retrograde is definitely at work now. xx

  3. Gina

    This journey is about finding your truth, and stepping away from fear and stepping into love. You are doing this, I truly hope you’re proud of yourself. This is an amazing accomplishment.

  4. Kelley Fitzpatrick

    Hi Jessica, I purchased a reading with you ages ago and just haven’t filled out the information sheet. I still would like to do a ‘reading’ with you, this is still in line with what I hoped to gain from you and I like your style. I was distracted with life events centered around making a life while in the process of getting a divorce; I was married for 29 years and had not worked during that time so it was a bit daunting. It was finalized last Tuesday! 🙂 I’m in a much different place now & it’s good! Actually, this would be a good time to have a reading. My name is Kelley Fitzpatrick, I paid using PayPal using my old AOL email. I have the receipt if you have trouble locating it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Kelley

  5. Joanna Hodge

    I’m definitely along for the ride Jessica. I’ve always loved and valued your writing and we have similar pluto moon astrology so I have resonated with much you’ve been brave enough to share. Wishing you all the very best…always, Love Jo xx

  6. Jessica

    Thank you, Jo, for coming along for the ride. Glad to have you riding shotgun!

    And thanks to everyone here who has left a message of support. <3

  7. Jessica

    Thank you, Gina. This is just so lovely to read <3 xx

  8. Jessica

    Hi Kelley! I found record of your purchase and sent you an email last week with scheduling options. You can also email me directly at Hope to connect soon! Jessica

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